How to Customize the Font Size of Messages in Outlook

Stationery and Fonts

Often we come across the problem of reading out the messages on MS-Outlook. Reason being, the font size of the messages is either too small or too big to read. Users in such circumstances want to know if there is any way out to set the font size of the messages in Outlook. Outlook offers the option of setting the font size of the incoming, forwarded, and reverted messages. Let us discuss the method to know how to change the font size of the messages in Outlook manually.

Customizing the Font Size of Messages in Outlook

The ‘Stationery and Fonts’  customization setting in Microsoft Outlook enables you to assign custom font styles and colors to all types of messages exchanged on the client. In case of Outlook 2013, the default font while creating, replying to, or forwarding a message is Calibri 11 point. Here is how you can change the font size of the messages.

Changing the Font Size While Composing A New Email

In order to change the font size of the email messages that you compose, first open Outlook 2013, then carry out the following settings which are given below.

  • Click on the File tab
  • Click on ‘Options’
  • Select ‘Mail’
  • Under the section of Compose messages, click the options ‘Stationery and Fonts’.

Stationery and Fonts

  • Click on the ‘Personal Stationery’ tab, under the section ‘New mail messages’, click on the tab ‘Font’
  • Personal Stationery
  • On the ‘Font’ tab, under the Font section, click the font style that you want to use for all new messages.
  • To change the font size of the messages, select the appropriate font size that you desire to use.
  • Additionally, if you want to change the font style and color then do the appropriate changes by selecting a font style and color that you want.
  • Now, click ‘OK’ on the Signatures and Stationery window, and the Outlook Options dialog box.

Signatures and Stationery window

You will be able to view the changes in settings when you compose a new message.

Changing The Font Size Of Forwarded or Reply Emails

For changing the font size of messages when forwarding a message or replying to one, carry out the following steps:

  • Click on the File tab option
  • Then click on ‘Options’
  • Select the option ‘Mail’
  • Under Compose messages, click on ‘Stationery and Fonts
  • On the Personal Stationery tab, under Replying or Forwarding Messages, click Font
  • On the Font tab, change the font size by scrolling the mouse up and down or just by selecting the font size which you want on your messages to be applied.
  • Signatures and Stationery window
  • Click ‘OK’ for the ‘Font’, then on the ‘Signatures and Stationery’, and the ‘Outlook Options’ dialog box.

The changes that you have made will be reflected when you reply or forward a message from now on.

The above steps clearly explain the ways to know how to customize the font size for emails in Outlook 2013. Now, we will discuss about how to manage the font size in Outlook 2010.

Changing the Font Size in Case Of Outlook 2010

The default font in case of Outlook 2010 is also the same as in Outlook 2013, i.e. Calibri, size 11. In order to change the font size in Outlook 2010, carry out the following steps mentioned below:

Open Outlook 2010 and

  • Click on the option of File tab
  • Then select ‘Options’
  • A window will open named as ‘Outlook Options
  • Outlook Options
  • Select the option ‘Mail’
  • Then click on the tab ‘Stationery and Fonts
  • Following this, a dialog box of ‘Signatures and Stationery’ will appear.
  • Then move to the tab ‘Personal Stationery
  • Personal Stationery
  • Under ‘New Mail Messages’ select the ‘Font’ button in order to set your default font for all the new messages that you compose henceforth.
  • A dialog box of ‘Font’ will open up.
  • Here, you have the option to set the font size and color. Click on the button ‘Set as Default
  • Then select the OK
  • This will make take you back to the dialog box of ‘Signatures and Stationery

In order to change the font size for the forwarding or replying to messages, follow the instructions given below.

  • Click on the Font button which is present below the ‘Replying or forwarding messages’ section in order to set your default font for the entire forward and reply to messages in Outlook
  • A dialog box of ‘Font’ will open up
  • Here, you can select your font settings and then finally click on ‘Set as Default’ button
  • Then click on the ‘Ok’ button on the dialog box
  • This will again return to ‘Signatures and Stationery’ dialog box
  • Now, click on the ‘OK’ button of the dialog box
  • This will take you back to the window of ‘Outlook Options
  • Finally, select the ‘OK’ button

After this, you will able to view the settings, which you have made to the forwarding or replying of messages in Outlook 2010.


The process to change the size of font size has been well described through a number of suitable dialog box screenshots and steps. Microsoft engineers have certainly worked well with the configuration settings to provide the users with the best of customizable format settings of messages in Outlook.

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