How to defrag free space of Mac Drive


Over time, as the system writes, modifies, and deletes files, the free spaces are created and scattered across your Mac hard drive. This leads to further fragmentation: when the system writes a new file, it breaks files up into various parts if large continuous free space does not available in Mac Disk. “Mac Defragmentation” is the process which helps to make faster accessing of files on Mac disk.

Defragmentation is nothing ,just keeping  data together in an order, so that they’re close to each other and can easily be accessed by OS. Fragmentation happens because files on the disk are constantly changing; being created, deleted, grown, or shrunk in size. Mac Defrag tool

Need of Defrag

Mac HFS+ has the ability to decrease the chance of fragmentation upto 20 MB file size. SSDs should not be defragmented. However there are multiple defragmentation tool available in market one of them is Drive Defrag tool of Stellar has great features to defrag Mac hard drive.

The software provides a number of options (Defrag Metadata, Quick Defrag, Full Defrag and Optimize) to defrag Mac hard drives, from which the user can choose, based upon his own requirement. With this utility, you can create list of all the fragmented files on the selected volume and defrag one or multiple files.

Key Features

  • It effectively defrags Mac hard drives and volumes.
  • It uses advanced algorithms for quick drive defragmentation.
  • It defragments individual files as well as metadata.
  • It displays block-level representation of Mac volumes
  • Option to sends automatic email notifications
  • Shows current temperature of your hard drive
  • Creates Bootable DVD for defragging Mac boot volume

Options inside this tool which helps to perform particular task.  Mac Defrag

1. Defrag Mac files– It helps to store all fragmented chunks of file and store them into contiguous memory location.

2. Free space optimization– It helps to collect all scattered free space and make them available to write new data.

3. Full Defrag – By using this option , you can defrag whole Mac system.

4. Metadata Defragment – By this option metadata files(Catalog files, Allocation files, Extent Overflow etc.) are defragmented.

 You can also configure the software to send email notifications automatically after completion of a task. This Mac disk defrag software has safe and fantastic mechanisms to fix fragmentation issues on your Mac hard drive and consequently, enhance the overall system performance.

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