How to turn the social media into an effective influencer marketing platform?

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Influencer marketing has become a vital part of social media marketing for many companies. It simply entails using brand ambassadors to promote your product to a larger audience. In order to develop an effective influencer marketing strategy, you need to find influencers’ that best suits your brands.

There are various ways to increase fan and follower base by sponsoring online marketing events and putting ads in social platforms. Buying influencers and followers online is also a reliable method to grow popularity in a quick time frame. Interested to know how to buy Instagram followers or Facebook and Twitter followers online? It’s simple to google out and find success stories about influencer marketing.

Research shows that 86% of online clients prefer organic marketing from influencers to the traditional ads. Consumers look for recommendations of products not sales pitch. That is why many companies have invested in influencer marketing. With a well-structured campaign, influencers drive traffic and sales for your brand.

Grasping the tips to use for influencer marketing on social is essential. Below are the top important marketing tips.

Invest in influencers’ live streaming

Live streaming is quickly gaining popularity among social media users. Over 82 % of online users say that live videos are better than social media post from brands. That is why most social media platforms have live videos features in the user’s feed. Live streaming is slowly taking over videos.

Many influencers are now using live streaming to make their content due it engagement enhancement effect. Through live streaming, consumers can be able to ask questions and get an instant response. Getting an influencer to talk about your brand or product in a live stream will give you access to a huge number of consumer that are present and ready to engage.

This can be done by inviting influencer to live stream your events. Other than that you can organize a live streaming session with them as your guest on your social media page.

Post Influencer content on your Social Media Profile

Sharing influencer content on your account will not only boost customer engagement but also build trust. Consumers find influencer content more trusting than brand photos and videos. Make an agreement with your influencers where they not only post on their accounts but they also create related content to post on your channel

Account takeover

Account takeover involves influencers taking over your account so to bring their audience to your account. This is done by making brand content that their audiences that relate to. Other than that, they get new audiences to relate to your brand and increase your following.

They can take over your social profile for weeks or days depending on your agreement. Account takeover is mostly done in two ways. You can either give them complete access to your account or they can guide you on what to post by providing the content.

One effective way to gain more from account takeover is to get your influencer to post Instagram stories. Due to their increasing popularity, engagement with the customers will be increased.

Give influencers Creative freedom

It is important to know that influencers know their audience and you do not. That is why it is important to first choose someone that can fit naturally with your brand. For the partnership to be successful the content shared by the influencer should portray the brand’s goals.

The reason why influencers have a large audience is due to their genuine and authentic content. They come up with original content that their audiences relate with. You should let them use their creativity and style to come with the best content for your brand.

Working with several influencers at the same time will create a widespread buzz and interest. When launching a new product invite them to like, comment, tag and share the post on their social channel.

You can also partake in organizing giveaways with your influencers to give to their followers. This will drive traffic in your account resulting to an increase in followers.


Influencer marketing can help you attain many of your goals. This includes brand awareness, education of the product through videos or live streaming, creating a huge social following, controlling the damage by reversing negative reviews, building trust, making sales and showcasing your product in context.

The secret to an effective influencer marketing is joining forces with someone who shares your views and ideas.

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