How to Use Press release as a viral marketing tool for your social media marketing campaign


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To supercharge your social media marketing campaign, you have to think differently, have to come up with some ground breaking ideas and have to monitor every single changes with minute attention. But in the race of doing something different, sometimes, the basics go missing and outcome is a absurd blend of mindless effort and tasteless strategy.  You do not want this right? Definitely, who would wish to taste the dust, when there are great many ways of making your social media marketing campaign great? And writing a killer press release is certainly one such way you can draw the attention of people and give proper direction to your otherwise wayward marketing campaign.

Press release

Here we are going to share some tips:

Write Killer Press Release:

Your press release is supposed to help you spread your words far and wide and therefore, you should make it a point that the title of the PR looks professional, unique and it should be powerful enough to catch the imagination of even a casual readers. Though the subject matter of a press release is unfortunately promotional in nature, you should try your level best to put something on it to make the content acceptable to general users who would have not been interested in reading a sales pitch. You should try to add some great videos, awesome images and then place the content in between and believe me, your marketing campaign will be able to do the trick.

Reaching Out:

The main advantage of using press release in your marketing mix is that you can reach out to those people who are kinda unreachable via other social media marketing tools. So, by publishing a press release you will get an awesome opportunity to increase limit of your marketing campaign. However, with bigger power comes bigger responsibility, as Spider man has taught us. You need to give utmost attention to grammar, constructional error etc because a slight mistake can rob you off all your online reputation. Since your press release is being read by greater number of people, you need to proofread the thing carefully and add some punch lines. I have done same thing when I wrote two press releases on prweb and gneil on my blog that has the best offers on discount coupons. While proof reading I bumped on some obvious mistakes that could have killed my promotional campaign. So, proofreading is something that you cannot do away with.

SEO Advantage:

Press release has its own share of SEO advantages. It helps a website gets some quality links within the body of the content from different websites, mostly authority websites. This will certainly have a direct bearing on the usability of the website. However, to utilize its advantages properly, you need to create different versions of the same press release and submit them in different press release submission websites.

It is All About Promotion:

You cannot promote your product or service blatantly in Twitter or in facebook because it does not look nice. So you need to have an option for unabashed promotion and press release is the way to go. It gives you all the scope to promote your product without a second thought and what’s more, you are not supposed to get blacklisted for that. So, you are enjoying double benefits with press releases. Promotion and greater reach.

So, it is high time you should incorporate press release into your social media marketing mix to make the most of your social media marketing campaign.

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James Arnold believes in the power of press releases as a marketing tool. He has used Prweb for this purpose. He has written a review, offers a coupon, and plenty of information about their service, which you can discover here. Over 30,000 organizations use Prweb because it helps them increase their online visibility, create buzz for their service, and generate sales.

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