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How do you execute your business communications online when it comes to connecting multiple offices around the country or around the world? What if your employees often need to access the company’s intranet from their homes or remote places?

What are the safety measures you consider when your employees are sharing business secrets across untrusted computer networks? Is that a fast, secure and reliable UK VPN service they are using at present?

Kepard UK VPN

Do you have the answers of above mentioned questions?

Confidentiality, security and high-speed networking are the main areas of concern for employees who are based at geographically separated offices. Hacking, piracy, data loss, cyber crime are the regular instances that almost all internet-based businesses are struggling with.

You need to access important files, databases, printers, internal programs from remote locations. You may also need to isolate internet traffic (potential customers, key accounts, business partners) from other computer networks. Thus you have to disseminate highly-sensitive data on a day-to-day basis. Even salespeople who travel a lot need secure and reliable computer network for business communications.

What is your stand on this? How do you ensure that remote-access connectivity and site-to site connectivity are protected in your organization?

VPN is that answer to all these questions

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a technology that uses a public network (Internet or other intermediate connections) to connect an individual user to remote computer network through a secured system. It also interconnects multiple networks together. Thus the objective of a VPN is to provide a reliable and secure private connection between networks ( Site-to site VPN) and  between user and a remote computer network (Remote access VPN) over the public network (Internet).

How advantageous is a VPN service for a business?

A well designed VPN provides multiple benefits to a business.

  • You can connect to multiple networks across multiple locations without using a leased line
  • It allows you to accommodate more users to your private network and extend more geographical locations as compared to a leased line
  • Data exchange and information sharing through a VPN connection is secure
  • VPN provides flexibility in networking. Employees from remote offices can use their existing business intranet as if they are directly connected to their office network.


  • It saves time and expense for employees who commute from a distance. It is like having a virtual office of a business for its employees staying in a remote place.
  • A VPN offers security, reliability and scalability – the essential features that every business needs to ensure for effective internal and external communications.

What are the security mechanisms a VPN follows?

VPN authenticates remote users by sending them instructions and thus prevents unwanted access or use of VPN service.

It uses encryption techniques to avoid disclosure of information in public. The degree of confidentiality is so high that anonymous persons can only see the encrypted data that they cannot understand.

VPN Protocols:

A VPN uses secure tunneling protocol (Layer 2 Tunneling protocol and Point-to-point Tunnelling Protocol) to encapsulate data packets. Tunneling is a process that places an entire packet of data in another packet (outer packet) and then transports it over the internet. Thus it acts as a virtual tunnel between two computers or network devices that add a layer of security to every outgoing and incoming data. The inner packet contains the same transport protocol (for example Internet Protocol) that decides how each of the computers on the LAN sends and receives data over its Internet Service Provider. The Layer 2 Tunneling protocol (L2TP) meets all of the security standards a business deserves.

Another secure VPN protocol is IPSec (Internet Protocol Security). It also encrypts and encapsulates IP packets (inner packet) inside an IPSec packet (Outer packet). As the data reach to its destination, the original IP packet is decapsulated and decrypted.

Some other types of common protocols are SSL/TLS, DTLS, MPPE, and SSTP.

Who is your ideal VPN service provider?

Any company that allows you to –

  • Transfer unlimited amount of encrypted data
  • Provide extensive online security
  • Guarantee your anonymousness
  • Use trusted secure protocols for high level of encryption and do more 

Kepard – your personal VPN service provider

  If you want to avail the best UK VPN service Kepard is the ideal choice. Here are the reasons for you to consider their services:

  • Kepard VPN has feature-rich applications that are user-friendly. You can control your VPN connection with a single click.
  • Their VPN service supports standard secure protocols such as Open VPN, L2TP and PPTP. You can switch among VPN protocols in no time.
  • Kepard has servers in 5 different countries – US,UK,Canada, Germany Netherlands. You can change server locations any time you require. You will also get automatic updates as and when a new Kepard server location is established.
  • Business users get an easy access to configure VPN settings.
  • Their VPN supports multiple Operating Systems (OS) such as Windows, Linux, iOS, Android MacOS
  • Business users can enjoy unlimited traffic, high-speed connectivity and 24 x 7 technical support round the year.
  • Kepard uses NAT firewall for ultimate security.
  • The protocols used by this VPN support up to 256 bits of encryption for high-end security.

Now, if all the above mentioned services seem a bit theoretical, I would suggest you to avail their free VPN service first. Windows users can download the program for free and activate VPN on their computers for 30 minutes in a day. Thus you can actually test a VPN service before buying it.

For unrestricted and unlimited services you need to go for premium membership. The price for this is quite affordable. If you are new to a VPN service and you don’t know how to proceed at this stage, ask Kepard VPN support.

Enjoy high-speed, unlimited and protected networking facility with VPN. Be assured – Your online identity is always secure with Kepard.

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