Maintaining a Work-Life Balance


Working remotely may seem like the ideal solution to maintaining a work life balance and for many it is, however for some, it is not at all as expected. It can be hard to switch both on and off when the living room doubles as corporate headquarters, especially when you are on a video conference with the boss and have the kids in the background both vying for your attention.


On the other hand, the beauty of working remotely is that you can call the shots, from having a flexible work schedule to picking the best workspace for your style, and with so many tech tools like Brother video conferencing, getting the work-life balance has, some would argue, never been easier.

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Working remotely can be taken to a whole new level. It is an efficient way to build a productive and proactive workforce. For some, the separation between work and personal life is a welcomed notion, but for others, it can be a real driving force.

For those who have children or commitments to elderly relatives, having to be on call during the day is unavoidable. Sustaining a good relationship with the boss when you are being pulled in both directions can be hard, but working around these hours can not only mean that the work is done more efficiently, but it is a plus for the nocturnal types who work late; it is really convenient to be a few steps away from bed instead of having to travel home at 3am.

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Just Starting Out

For those just starting out, it makes most sense to work from home. There can simply be no budget for an ‘actual’ office and with all the technology available today, new businesses have all the tools they need to get the work done – computer, mobile phone, internet connection and a coffee machine!

With the addition of digital tools like group emails, screen sharing software and conference calling, it means that people can do work anytime, from just about anywhere and communicate with anyone with the additional perk of being able to take work breaks and spend time doing personal stuff, like picking up the kids from school.

How you maintain a work-life balance really depends on the type of person you are and the commitment you have to your job. Another huge factor is how much you actually enjoy your work as to how much effort you put in and thus how much it impacts on your personal life.

Maintaining the balance is much simpler now that there are tools like video conferencing which enable more businesses to offer their employees flexible working options. Companies willing to be more accommodating will benefit from a happier and more productive workforce and everyone can relax in the knowledge that they no longer need to carry out a balancing act.

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