Make Your Office More IT-Friendly With These Killer Tips

Office IT

It’s no secret that Information Technology is a core part of any business. Even the most traditional companies use IT equipment to be more productive. There was a time when only a few firms used a plethora of IT systems. Nowadays, various devices get seen in use within all businesses!

Infrastructure safety is the key to ensuring performance and peace of mind whether it is for your home or business. Device automation, standard electrical installation, eco-friendly appliances using smart technologies are the primary ways to create a safe and energy-efficient environment. For instance, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) electrical outlet installation ensures that for any ground fault the power gets automatically disconnected and your electrical equipment and appliances remain undamaged. Such an advanced electrical outlet system interrupts the circuit and helps avoid any shock or unwanted events in your premise.

To explore how GFCI works, here is an interesting read Similarly, home automation systems like Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and other smart devices can save time and energy by reducing a plethora of redundant, manual activities at your home or office.

Is your office using archaic or basic IT systems? If so, it’s time to bring your workplace into the 21st century! Today I will share with you some killer tips to make your office more IT-friendly.

Office IT

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Upgrade your Internet connection

The first step is to get rid of that slow ADSL connection and upgrade to a super-fast fibre link. These days, fibre Internet connections are affordable and available to all. The market is competitive, and so you’ll have no problem getting the best value for money.

Be sure to have an engineer check the telecom equipment in your premises. That’s because you may need to upgrade sockets or wiring before you get fibre Internet.

Install more electrical sockets

With each new piece of technology you get, you might need to get more electrical points in your office. The good news is that the work involved isn’t expensive. An electrician can ensure that you have the right amount of electrical sockets in key areas of your office.

Critical electrical services include 24/7 emergency service for machine breakdown, switchboard upgrade, routine testing, switch installation, exit and emergency maintenance, and so on. Therefore, the availability of experienced local electricians in your neighborhood, like this Altona electrical company, is imperative to ensuring undisrupted electrical services so that you are able to carry on doing your business every day.

You should also take the opportunity to have your wiring tested as well. Get it renewed if necessary.

Carry out proper testing and maintenance of IT equipment

The sad truth is that many companies fail to check the computer equipment they use are safe. Not doing such checks increases the chances of a fire starting in your office.

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You can get testing and tagging equipment to check your IT systems on a regular basis. You should also ensure each IT system in your office gets maintained. Even electrical items need some care and attention!

Encourage users to bring their own devices

Do your workers prefer to use their laptops and tablets in the office? If so, encourage them to do so! Not only does it encourage productivity it saves your business money too!

Thanks to your forward thinking, there will be plenty of power sockets for their IT equipment.

Make sure everyone uses the same software

Uniformity is key in the software world. If your staff use different software versions, compatibility problems will arise. Check that all your staff are using the latest versions of a software.

Some software packages offer an automatic update service, akin to what anti-virus systems use. In a corporate environment, you can manage updates from a server level.

Make your office a giant Wi-Fi hotspot

Do your workers have to stand by one corner of your office to get Wi-Fi reception? If so, you need to invest in better Wi-Fi technology! Sure, you can use standard consumer-level products.

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But what if you want to ensure strong coverage across a larger area? In those cases, you need business-grade Wi-Fi solutions. The thing about Wi-Fi is that it makes it easier for workers to use mobile devices and laptops.

Don’t turn your office into a “not-spot”! Fix those Wi-Fi problems so that everyone can have access to your network and the Internet.

Good luck!

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