Mobile Broadband Myths You Should Be Enlightened About


Mobile broadband may be one of the biggest breakthroughs in Internet technology in of the decade, but there are still some things about it that remain to be misunderstood. This is not surprising, as it became a hit in the industry faster than tech junkies can say hello.

Mobile Broadband Myths

With the number of users dumbfounded by the quick arrival of dongles, mobile broadband myths enveloped many technology headlines. A number of these may have a tinge of truth, but thorough studies conducted by experts successfully debunked them.

Here is a list of erroneous information that needs to be elucidated.

Mobile Broadband’s download allowances are insufficient

When it comes to web browsing, faster and bigger is better. As such, mobile broadband used to be scratched out from the top choices of users, given its mere 1 GB download capacity – an allowance that is undoubtedly limiting especially for heavy users.

Over the years, nonetheless, mobile broadband companies had gone far when it comes to data allowance.

Currently, there is a wide breath of competitive bandwidth offers that can accommodate up to 10 GB of usage per month. This should be enough to send 10,000 e-mails, surf the Internet for at least a hundred hours, download fifty 30-minute videos, and get 320 four-minute songs.

Unless you go beyond this limit, you won’t feel any bump into hitches when using mobile broadband.

Mobile Broadband is far behind Home Broadband in terms of speed

At the dawn of mobile broadband, it was not as competitive as a fixed line Internet connection. But this is no longer the case.

A broadband speed test by uSwitch reveals that the current average speed of mobile broadband falls at 7MB. This is almost the same as home broadband speed, with the fastest connection available at 8 MB. It is vital, however, to consider the REAL speed of the broadband. This would be defined by numerous factors, including your location and service provider.

In most cases, it is highly possible to ditch the traditional home broadband and go for the cheaper and more flexible mobile Internet access. Ericson’s Senior VP Douglas Gilstrap projected that in 2018, the number of mobile broadband users would have billions more than the population of broadband subscribers. This Forbes article mentions mobile broadband.

Using Mobile Broadband is Expensive

This used to be true in the early 80’s. But rest assured that the outrageous £45/GB charge has been long gone. Users can now get three times more download allowance in exchange for a fraction of this outlay.

In fact, several service providers no longer charge excess usage on their mobile broadband plans. Most broadband companies have started using online tracking systems to monitor the download usage of their subscribers, and prevent excessive charges.

Users also no longer need to spend for dongles and MiFi’s. Existing personal computers can now be tethered to avoid redundant expenses for Internet connection.

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