Mobilization: The Latest Fad in WP Customization


The mobile market is getting gigantic, without doubts. Today more than 25% of the users are using their mobile devices to search the net. In fact, it is estimated that by the end of 2013, 1 out of every 3 searches will be done through handheld devices. For digital marketers, this is no less than a cold feet situation. They need to make their content accessible on mobile devices anyhow. Yes, the content might be visible to mobile users at the moment as well, but it is a tough grind. Everything from zooming, scrolling and squinting is involved. This means, you need a dedicated mobile site and you need it quick!

WP Customization

If you are a WordPress user, mobilizing your site isn’t much of a headache. The community offers an array of plug-ins that facilitates WordPress customization for mobile and empowers your site to go mobile. From the repository, here are top 3 plug-ins that will make your WP site or blog mobile compatible, and in turn enhance your viewership and web traffic.

WP Touch Plug-in:

This happens to be the most popular WP plug-in and thus tops the list. If you are seriously concerned about the navigation of your site, then this is meant for you. This fast-loading plug-in is compatible with most mobile devices and renders a unique navigation to your site, allowing you to add a splash screen. For small site-owners, the option of post view is available. For those who are looking to earn some cash out of the mobile version of their site, this allows you to insert your own adsense code and run ads of your choice. A premium version of WP Touch is also available, which comes laden with additional styling and control features.

WPMS Mobile Edition:

Officially called WordPress Multisite Mobile Edition, this WP plug-in might confuse you because of its name. But don’t get fooled. It functions equally well on normal blogs and multi site setups. By default, it displays the Carrington theme, but you have the choice of uploading your own mobile-compatible theme. You can easily install it from your WP dashboard. The best part about this plug-in is that you need not activate the theme post installation. Once the plug-in gets installed, it does the job of detecting mobile browsers and once detected, automatically turns on the mobile compatible plug-in.

WordPress Mobile Pack:

This is another mobilizing plug-in that you can find in the WP repository. Famous for its features like mobile theme switcher, it is comprehended as an all-round solution to help your WP site go mobile. Another great thing about it is that it adds a handy admin panel to your site, which allows the authors to work on posts while on the go. You also get an ad widget that lets you display Admobs or Google Adsense ads to your site. What’s more? You get simple analytics tool that keeps a track of the visits made to mobile version of your site.

Going mobile is the latest trend that has bug the entire web industry. More and more site owners are mobilizing their sites to improve their viewership as well as SE ranking. If you are also planning to make your WP site mobile, you can take aid of the aforementioned plug-ins or hire WordPress developers to do the same for you.

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