Moro Interactive’s New Mobile Application Hailing Cabs at the push of a button!


Ever become frustrated when trying to find a cab in a big or new city? Maybe you’re a cab driver or company who is dissatisfied with empty back seats lately? Moro Interactive has a solution to all of your taxi cab needs. Using new mobile technology and geo-location, Moro’s 2 part taxi cab app is capable of making the process of hailing and accepting a cab easier, more efficient, and most importantly, faster.

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About the mobile application

Moro Interactive custom builds every application to fit your brand. They even offer the ability to utilize the new mobile technology Augmented Reality to enhance your custom mobile application. To find out more about how augmented reality is incorporated visit the applications page or call Moro at 1-866-451-3434.

How it works

There are 2 mobile applications to this wondrous innovation, one for the cab drivers, and one for the consumer.

The process is started when the consumer pushed the hail button in their mobile application. By entering the number of passengers you have as well as the need for a handicap accessible it will enable the right cab driver to respond.

On duty drivers will receive a native alert on their mobile device prompting them to view the newly available fare. The closest available driver can choose to accept the fare on their app. This will then show the needed route on the in app map. Additionally cab drivers will be able to push the route to their native GPS mobile application on their mobile device.

After the cab driver accepts the fare, the customer is notified. On the customer’s mobile device they will be able to see where the cab driver is in relation to their position and when they will arrive. Once the cab driver gets to the location the driver’s application will recognize that the customer is in the vehicle and prompts the driver to verify that he received the passenger.

What else?

In addition to the customer and driver mobile applications, the dispatcher or management team will have one as well. This will enable the you to login to a secure back office and administer to the application. You can manage each driver and even view where they are in real time on a map. This also will keep track of each and every fare, collect statistics, and more.

Why is this app great for your company?

In today’s world where mobile technology is the reigning champ, you have to keep up to date. Applications are making everything easy and efficient so why not cab service? By utilizing augmented reality, you are bringing the virtual world to the consumer. This technology isn’t going to disappear nor will it slow down so enhance the experience that your customers get by customizing your own Mobile Taxi Camp Application.

What I Think

If you think about what is really pulling the younger and technologically advance generations to use company’s products, you will see why I like this application. I bank at Chase Bank. Why? Because they have a mobile application that makes the whole process easy. In fact the statistics are showing that many people are starting to use certain companies for the exact same reason. This mobile application offers a service that doesn’t exist out there and it offers an opportunity to really drive your brand home by being one of the first with a mobile application. Don’t wait!

Moro Interactive has created a fantastic Taxi Cab Application that should make some waves in the paid transportation world. With their 2 part system as well as the third application to allow the managing company to monitor their employee’s success, it’s hard to go wrong.

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