Next Generation of Computers


To me it seems that as things become simpler, there are still people that don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. Revolutions are happening every day in the world of computers making everything it simpler to use than ever. And it allows for the most disorientated person to do anything with more ease and simplicity than the previous generation of computer users. Moreover people just need to be aware that such computer functions exist, it’s very simple to overlook many great feature because nowadays there is no true tutorial for any new operating system without sifting through a computer manual like a detective on the case of a cold crime.

Next Generation of Computers

This is where we see where I see the future to be headed, less instructions available upfront with the need of having a strong foundation in computers for the next generation to fully understand how the computer operates and works. It won’t be long until online gaming computer stores like Fierce PC sell them! This is most apparent when we see an elderly person use the computer the same way a baby explores any new object. However what the elderly person fails to do is take a risk by trying to click around and explore their way. But it is through no fault of their way since they don’t want to cause a problem that they would have to pay for later.

Computer makers have more or less expect us to already know how to use computers, which is fine for the majority of their customers, but there is a good amount that will never be able to grasp what is truly available to them. There is one thing that they are pursuing though, and its Apps. And it is through apps that they are trying to guide us through the internet by holding our hand and telling us what we can look at. Apps are going to be the future of bookmarks for many people as it will direct them to YouTube, Ebay, Google, etc. with relative ease.

This is where the masses will be heading, at least in America. In many third world countries whose computers are not nearly as adequate as ours which mostly rely on the older Windows XP to browse the internet at their local computer café. The fascinating thing about XP is that it is being used by the majority of businesses and countries due to its reliability with proper maintenance.

Computers are going to be around for a long time to come, and they are going to be around long after we have lived our own lives. And as with most technology these days they are getting smaller and smaller. Most notably it has manifested in our culture these days in the form of an IPAD and other notable tablet devises. These small tablets harness the power of full size desktops with many having the same attributes of a full Microsoft word suite to allow you to keep up with your documents and files. This fascinating ability coupled with long battery life has truly reinvigorated people’s desire to create, share, and stay connected in our ever growing social networks.

As tablets go up in sales, laptops start to dwindle, which I predict will cost more to produce in the future. However, I would keep my eye out for a hybrid tablet, with a style much like windows 8. Which would be the size of a tablet with its own docking station for a desk; with this the computer monitor enlarges on the display. Our computers of the future will be something to behold and marvel at. They will be a mark of what we as humans are able to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time.

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Guest Author -Arthur Moreno [Elder Tech Computer Chief Engineer in Command]

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