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Did you Pin It! – There is a lot of commotion about this particular word “Pin” and it is taking the social media by storm.

What is Pin It? Pin it  – the tab button to share on the new social media platform Pinterest!

You might have heard about the Pinterest from your friends or might have read articles on Mashable or Adage about this new visual social platform.


To log into Pinterest – All you need is to sign up with Facebook or Twitter account and create some boards of your choice, – Art, Movies, Photography, Business, Social Media, Making Money Online, Cooking Recipes, Baby Care etc (these are the common ones through which I gross or have them on my Pinterest profile).

Now let us come to the topic, if you have put your business profile on the Pinterest platform, yet fail to receive the engagement as expected, then you are certainly a beginner. You may be worried as to why you are not able to connect to your customers like the other brands!

Pinterest Should Be the First Choice

Take for example if you have three children, then you will try to love them equally. However, you might give the extra love to the favorite child. If you are available on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest then you have to love them equally!

However, these are going to bring mediocre returns for you.

If you want to get more result out of Pinterest, then focus all your energy and attention to it. Engage more with Pinterest and I think you will love these particular results. What ’s more? However, focusing the attention you can still stick the multi-love for social media.

Show How Much You Love Pinterest for Promoting Your Brand

Tell your followers or fans that you are available on the Pinterest. If you have a blog, then put the Pinterest tab for easy share. If you are looking to gain more followers, then you have to show your fans that you actually care about this social media network.

Add the articles here, encourage your readers to share on their profiles. The more mentions on your blog, the more chances are there that your readers will understand your point to let them follow you.

Separate Sharing Boards

It is the most popular strategy that a business should have so as to separate the necessity of different pins. Now you can go to Pinterest and their boards and share as much as you like without mixing up your article with others.

Like or Repin – Do It Often

If you are not getting enough results from the activity, which you share in the Pinterest, then you might be missing something. One of the ways to increase the Pinterest engagement dramatically is to “like” constantly, while you browse. It is quite easy to pin around the site and this will let the prominent Pinner know about your business page easily.

You might never know that he follows you back or like your stuff in return. “Repining” is the great version of “Liking”, and it generates more buzz and activity to your business profile on the Pinterest.

Keep up the work that you share on the Pinterest platform and add some of the techniques into the mix or engagement to perk up the results!

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