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All work and no play certainly makes Jack a very dull boy indeed, and this is one of the reasons why businesses enjoy laying on corporate events for their employees and customers. Of course there is more than a touch of promotional magic thrown into the mix, but on the whole most companies want to show that they can push the boat out for their team and clients when required. If you are thinking of organizing one of these activities in the near future and could use a little help in marketing the whole thing, why not use social media for this one? There are a myriad of great reasons why these platforms can provide you with all you need for organizing and promoting the event, and this article lifts the lid on those for you right now!

Using Facebook

It’s probably best to use the platform that you are most familiar with, but if you have multiple social sites going on, then use them all if you have the time. With Facebook, the first step is to create a Facebook Event page. These are incredibly useful tools that allow you to dedicate the space to a single event. This avoids too much crossover with your personal profile and highlights the event in hand. Send out invites to your employees and customers, use your email contacts list if you are not sure of their social network details. Upload some fun photos that depict the venue and generally make the page a fun place to hang out. You can gauge the predicted attendance figures by the amount of replies that you receive. Remember to include the exact date, time and venue details as well. After the event has finished, you should upload video footage to let the non-attendees see what they missed!

Using Twitter

Once you have the important details to hand, you can identify a hash tag for the event and you can begin to do your stuff! Start to promote the Hashtag on the invitations, all relevant material and on your registration page. Get some serious dialogues going and use them to push this event out there. Ensure that your target audience, employees and clients, respond to these tweets accordingly. If you have any entertainment acts signed up to perform on the day/night, encourage them to also tweet away to their heart’s content. Re-use the Hashtag for every time you wish to tweet about any updates. Write up a review after the event and link this up to your other social platforms.

Using LinkedIn

Although this is a more business-centric platform it is also very useful for promoting corporate events. It has the added advantage of being directly connected to your clients and employees already. Simply update your company page to let everyone know about this awesome event that they are invited to and send a few direct messages out to the team leaders. Pass some responsibility onto their broad shoulders and allow them to pass the baton onto their own communities.

3 Ways To Ensure A Super Event!

Well, we believe so and if you use any additional social platforms, bring them into the mix – the more, the merrier!

The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger. She writes for Brunswick Bowling Club, a clubhouse best suited for birthday and office parties. She enjoys reading during her free time.

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