Risk Assessment Tools for Information Technology


Businesses manage their IT systems for protecting against vulnerabilities or threats. Some businesses carry out an annual risk assessment of IT systems. Different tools are available for assisting your risk assessment of Information Technology. Some of the companies offering Risk Assessment Tools are here discussed below:


 Norman ASA

 Norman ASA offers tools for proactive Information Technology Security. It offers proactive content security solutions. This Norwegian company also provides malware Analyzers that help technicians for evaluating the IT risk of companies. The risk is evaluated by mechanically locating suspicious files, malware types and threats to your systems. The products of Norman include Sandbox, Exploit Detection as well as DNA Matching tools.

RWI Risk Direct                                                                                                    

This software automates the process of risk assessment and helps companies to perform a risk assessment of IT technology infrastructure. The Risk Watch software for Information Technology risk assessment includes standards like that of the National Institute of Standard and Technology. The software offers a list of threat frequencies for IT risks. Moreover it analyses all relevant information and makes the report of your management.

Insight Consulting Ltd

 This Irish company set up in 1996 offers businesses with consulting service and support in software process improvement. This company aims to offer clients with input about software issues and practices in the areas of risk assessment. The Insight consultants carry out an assessment for determining the areas a company wants to improve.

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