Seven Smart Ways to Network more Effectively on Twitter


The social networking platform provides its users immense opportunities to communicate and exchange ideas. Twitter, one of the popular online social networking portals, provides micro blogging service allowing its users to send and read posts (commonly called “tweets”). Although you have only 140 characters to express yourself, you would agree that the limitation only encourages your creativity and vocabulary for effectively utilizing each character which goes into the “tweet”. You can join it free and set up an account within few minutes. Thereafter, you can add followers as well as follow others, enabling others to receive your updates and you receiving theirs. Launched in 2006, the Twitter has gained the “SMS of the internet” label recently.

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With increasing inclusion of the social networking platform in present lifestyle, it would be only obvious to look out for ways to increase the networking. Here are some commonly observed methods to aid you.

1. Avoid common mistakes

Being new to Twitter, it can be obvious to do mistakes (which can be avoided) to increase networking. To have a proficient appeal, you would consider having a professional profile, including your picture. Ensure that the profile picture is not blurred or seems out of track. The ratio between ‘followers’ and ‘to follow’ should be proportionate.

When you are on Twitter, acting too reserved would be detrimental in gaining an edge in networking. Flooding yourself with updates is not an encouraging idea. Very few updates are also discouraging.

2. Connecting with the right people

A very important aspect of effective networking is finding the right group of people. There are numerous people on the Internet, but many of them may not be relevant to you. When locating the right people (or group of people), you can use tolls like acts like a register containing people having similar interests directed by the “What to Follow” tab. You can browse preferred accounts as per your inclination. Twollo and Just Tweet It are other tools to help you. They can be used as keyword-based tools.

3. Repeat “tweet”

When you re-tweet, the other party gets an encouraging message revealing your interest. Being too reluctant in replying or re-tweeting can keep you close ended. You can express your inclination for sharing your ideas with others by constant re-tweeting. And if you wish, add your personal opinion to the beginning of the re-tweet. This will give some insight into your personality. It can be very helpful in reaching out to others and beginning to network.

4. Open up to followers

Your tweets can be a guide to revealing your own self. Having found a target network, it would be obvious to open up before your followers. The followers should have a clear mind about your interests and ideas for using Twitter. When the followers know you, they can be closer to you (at least a little more than what they were earlier).

5. Followers’ point of view

Before tweeting, it would be prudent to consider what to expect from your followers. Think about their reactions. If you want to network effectively, this aspect is important for having a strong effect. Considering your followers’ point of view would give you an insight into your own effort. Assess whether you are being too pushy or too self-absorbed.

Be careful about your words. Sarcasm and emotions can be difficult to imbibe. Avoid writing anything which can be easily misinterpreted. You can switch to a more private mode of communication, like the e-mail.

6. Put questions

You can pose a general question to the followers. When questioning, concentrate on your target group of people. It is more likely that the targeted would revert. They can get connected through their opinions. When you receive replies to your questions, pose innovative answers. An attractive way to generate considerable response is to tally the answers and present them in poll form. They can catch the viewer’s attention quickly.

7. Sharing

This is what the social media is all about. When you share your contacts, you can in turn see other people sharing theirs’. It is quite evident to find two people having a lot in common. You can offer some of the attractive services, like the Follow Friday tweet to the attractive groups of people.

You can discover a lot of latent gains in Twitter considering your business network. The right approach can encourage building connections and engagement in the followers, shaping up your efforts for the good.

About the guest author:

Rebecca is a blogger and writer. She loves writing on luxury and lifestyle. Beside this she is fond of books. These days she is busy in researching on Tablet Computers as that is subject of her upcoming article.

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