SMM is not about purchasing Likes and Follower lists only


It is true that social media has become an integral part of business marketing and communication. In last few years, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have hold great promises to promote online contests, sweepstakes in a large way. Both brands and non-brands are taking advantage of this social media promotion.

But, how far have you been able to launch social media campaign successfully? In many occasions, people struggle with how to go about it? You have tools and resources ready with you. But, executing them is not in everyone’s forte.

Social media people

Here are the essential steps for them to proceed

  1. Build a community first. You need have active fan and follower’s base growing gradually.
  2. Understand your goal. Is it for website traffic, leads, sales or just hype?
  3. Which country are you from? Do your promotions abide by all social media regulations in your country?
  4. Find great tools to automate message syndication process. How best and easy you can compel your social networks to share your news.
  5. Define a media budget. You can go for social commerce, facebook ads, promoted tweets
  6. Track results so that you can analyze, make changes in future and improve.

However, following steps would only guide you the way – Thumb rule. Rest you have to plan and implement yourself.

Here you need to realize certain other factors too:

  1. Why should some unknown be your fan and follow your activities?
  2. What is so special that your audience finds in your business?
  3. Do you maintain a neutral voice while targeting new audience?
  4. Likes and Follow does not come for free. Do you return them anything back?
  5. How do you interact with people? – By your name, business name or product’s name?

Go natural:

Remember, social media is powerful because it is natural, open, unbiased and friendly. People don’t want to be forced or influenced to do something that they don’t like. You can’t tame them to be your follower.

Even if you assign the task to some social media professionals, they may collect you good number of fan and followers. But, what is about  conversion rate and sales? Do at least 50% of them turn out as your potential customer?  You are not sure. Right?

What do you need?

You need people who have real interest on your product and services. Sales will follow automatically. Remember, your social network is as good as you can communicate with them properly.

You have to find the appealing quotients and usability of the information. Understand how someone else’s “follow request” affects you. Do you follow it willingly? You will do only if you see any substance within it for you.

Therefore, plan out from audience’s perspective. Your objectives are successful only when you stand close to their daily needs.

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