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social networking tips by Foursquare

Social media marketing does not have to be confined to the Internet. Every April 16, Foursquare does something that could give a lot of tips to other companies. It celebrates 4sqDay as a type of user appreciation day that transcends the gap between the online and offline worlds. Companies that partner with Foursquare offer additional rewards to people who go to their stores and purchase items, so users feel appreciated and companies make more sales. In this Future of Engagement episode, host Murray Newlands analyzes 4sqDay and how Foursquare is mastering social networking both inside and outside of social networks. Stay tuned to hear his tips on social media marketing:

What can brands learn?

  • Connect with customers so that they promote your product for you.
  • They engage with people in their social networks both online and in person…
  • …which works great for a product people use in the real world and online, like Foursquare.

Graph by Alerti social media monitoring tool:

About The Guest Author:

Murray NewlandsMurray Newlands uses social media monitoring tool Alerti to follow the social media campaigns in the 2012 election. Sign up for a free 3 month Alerti trial using the code alertivideo.

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