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As it is a known fact social media is not an SEO ranking factor. But, the social presence can often and positively influence organic visibility and also indirectly help out to improve the current organic ranking. It is time for you to know more about the SEO tips designed for the Instagram platform. When you think of IG, SEO is not what typically comes in your mind. It seems that a video and photo sharing platform does not lend itself for increasing the organic visibility of the brand. But IG is growing quite well and that’s why brands are always looking forward to opening a business account over here.

There are so many brands’ IG accounts, which have already shown some top ranks in the search results. So, IG opens the brands for greater visibility, ranking and reach potential. But, to get the most of it, there are some points to consider first.

Optimizing the IG profile:

Always remember that IG account profiles are quite limited. But, there are some proven ways for you to follow, which will help in making most of what they have to offer you with. These steps can help you get more followers for Instagram at the same time, which in turn, will help flourish your business. is one such powerful Instagram follower and liker service.

  • Let’s just start it off with the profile name. You have to match it with the names of other social channels. It is going to be your company or brand name and it has to be consistent with the company name on FB, Twitter, and other company listings.
  • Always make sure to add some numbers in handles, as that might come right off as spammy. Always make sure to keep this information consistent to your Twitter handle and your FB username if you can.
  • In terms of the profile page, always try using an HD quality and clear image, which is preferably going to be your logo. Make sure that if your logo has text that has to be legible.
  • When it is about the profile information, you have to add a short description of your business or firm, and that should hold some keywords in them as well.
  • With the website in mind, make sure to add its link in profile along with a link from the website to IG profile. Until and unless you are running some sponsored posts on IG, it is the main link you can ask for.
  • It is your duty to link the IG account with Twitter and FB ones. It will help you to share IG photos on these two channels easily. This step, in turn, will help in increasing the visibility of IG account in no time.

Working on the profile:

It is no doubt to state that you have to devote quite some time on IG profile, just to optimize it in the best manner possible. Once you have all the points straight, things will start working out in your favor for sure. All you have to do is optimize IG page as per the SEO terms.

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