Stop People From Scrolling Past Your Posts


When you’re scrolling through your Twitter or Facebook feed there are hundreds of people posting all the time. It’s a constant barrage of information and you aren’t going to read all of it. You’ll scan through until something jumps out and grabs you, then you’ll stop to look at it. That’s how everybody views social media so if your business posts aren’t eye-catching enough, people will scroll right by them without a second glance, no matter how good the content is. If you’re not seeing much engagement then it’s probably because your posts aren’t grabbing readers. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with our great tips on creating eye-catching social media posts.

Be Visual

A visual image is processed 60,000 faster than text is when somebody reads it. That means even when somebody is just quickly scrolling past it they’ll still pick up some information and they’re more likely to stop and look. Pictures also create a more lasting image in the brain so people can remember the information a lot easier if they’ve seen it on a picture or an infographic. When people are sharing on social media they almost always want to share something with an image. They’re looking for things that others will find interesting, and a lump of text with nothing visual on there doesn’t scream excitement.

Try to include pictures of anything that you post, even if you don’t have anything particularly relevant. A company logo is still better than nothing. Always make sure that they’re good quality as well, otherwise, you make your company look amateur.

Even better than pictures is a video. Most social media sites have an autoplay feature when people are scrolling so make a corporate video production and put it up on your social media site. Being able to catch people with a soundbite on a video is far more effective than a piece of text.

Encourage Engagement

If you were walking down the street and somebody started shouting to catch your attention, you wouldn’t just walk away from them, you’d stop and answer your question. While it’s far easier to ignore people on the internet, asking a direct question to users still makes them far more likely to stop. Instead of a boring informational post, why not put up a poll or a survey about something related to your industry? It encourages people to engage with your posts and they’re likely to pay more attention to your posts in the future if that engagement was a positive experience for them.

Comment On Things

The comments sections on the internet are full of opinionated, and sometimes very misguided people, but they’re a great place to get yourself noticed. Find discussions about things in your industry and get involved. If people like what you have to say, you’ll be on their radar and when you post in the future they’ll read and engage with them more.

Every time you post on social media you’re entering into a battleground with a thousand other posts. There’s such a huge sea of information out there that you need to do something really special to catch people’s attention.

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