The Impact Of Web Design On Social Sharing


Sharing Content Using Social Media Buttons

These days, everyone seems to understand the importance of sharing content through social networks. You can find blogs and websites including options to share the content readily. There exists an intricate relationship in between web design and social sharing. We will be looking into it as the discussion unfolds. Many webmasters do not pay much attention to social media buttons during the web design process. This practice can literally backfire at a later date. It is important to understand the anatomy and the importance of these media buttons. Only then, you will develop the skill set to deploy them appropriately.


What Is The Purpose Of Social Sharing Icons?

For the sake of illustration, let us keep things simpler and start from the basics. What exactly are social media icons? These are links, which will help in encouraging social sharing of the content. Sharing of the content will help in gaining widespread popularity within a short time. This explains why many online marketers pay their homage to such techniques. Easy placement of social sharing buttons is important from the viewpoint of web design. The visitors should find it extremely easy to share the content posted. If they face slight difficulties, they will abandon the entire endeavor. This works out as a detrimental factor for the website owner. These days, web designers like to place these buttons on the sidebar.

Social Sharing And Web Design – An Example

Let us consider a real world example of how social sharing buttons can be helpful. We will consider the official webpage of the New York Times ( Almost above all major news articles, you will find social sharing buttons.  These buttons offer additional advantages to the users of the website. They can share important news articles within their social network. There are ordinary and counter buttons for effective social sharing. In the above-mentioned example, the website uses counter buttons for sharing content. While designing a new website from the scratch, please include these buttons. The content can look dull and monotonous in the absence of these social sharing buttons. The core function of such buttons is to improve social interaction.

Can Overusing These Buttons Help?

Deploying these buttons is easy even for the novice users. There are many plug-in’s that can help us with the job. Please pay attention to the overall size and style of these icons. It should gel perfectly with the existing layout of the website. Check out the URL listed above for an appropriate usage of social sharing buttons. Not all social sharing buttons will work out in a favorable manner. Some social networks emphasize more on the recreational aspects than business. Using the icons of such networks on a finance-oriented website is foolhardy.  Once again, this explains the intricate relationship in between social sharing and web design. Are you aware of the fact that you can use personalized social sharing icons? These icons will integrate perfectly into the existing website. Avoid overusing these icons for SEO purposes, because the practice can always backfire.

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