Tips on How to Promote the Automotive Industry with Social Media

Promote the Automotive Industry with Social Media

Social media is no longer used by the younger generation for chatting and pass of time, as it used to be before. A new era has erupted. It has now been incorporated into business and it is being used in reaching target markets, promotion of products and generating sales. Some of the popular sites used to reach car buyers are, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Answers. For any company or car dealer with a concrete vision for success, should embrace the social media as a method of promoting the automotive industry. The first step is to have an account in Facebook, Twitter or any other social site. This article has addressed some tips, or methods of Promoting the Automotive Industry with Social Media.

Promote the Automotive Industry with Social Media

Below are the tips :

Demonstration of a company’s activities

When an automotive industry is connected, it is able to show forth its values and its varied company products. This creates a platform whereby an industry or a car dealer is able to express whatever it offers to its customers. For instance in Blendtecs,the head of marketing department, George Wright, fashioned a series of videos displaying the appliances such as iPhones,Rubik’s cube and a rotisserie chicken .The combined views of the series said to be 100 million assisted in a great way in promoting Blendtecs’s sales by roughly 700 percent.

Assisting employees bond

This helps to connect with other employees in different places of different companies or industries. Example of corporation that has embraced this is the IBM . It has a house network that is built in and also the virtual worlds reminiscent of Second Life in order to link employees who are working in different places or locations. Another one is the Hoffman Agency; it is a public relations firm which uses Ning in enabling users to build social networks, this is to connect its United States staff with employees located in Asia and Europe.

Creation of competitions

This is whereby a competition is posted in the social media and the prize towards the winners is the product the industry is producing. This assists in getting potential buyers involved in the product, and it makes them know more about it. In other words, awareness of the product is created. For instance in Spain there was the promotion of the new Volkswagen Polo through social network. May 21, 2012 Volkswagen started a competition on Twitter as method of promoting a new Volkswagen Polo. The car was also marked as the first prize in the competition. Every time you wrote a tweet, using the correct hash tags the chances of winning the Volkswagen Polo increased.

Checking on what people say about the company

Searching any mentions of the industry or company is very essential, as this will help the dealer to know the steps to take depending on the kind of comments and suggestions posted. Facebook, Twitter and Yelp can help in knowing the reputation expressed outside there.
A myriad of companies are continuing to use the social media as a method of promotion. The method has proved to be working very well. For more information one can access dvla contact phone. There are diverse contact details for dvla depending on the enquiry.

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