What are the Top 15 SEO Tests You Should Implement to Boost Performance in 2019

15 SEO Tips

SEO is very vast and nobody knows everything about it with 100% certainty.  Google’s ranking factors alone cannot rank your website on top position. If you really want to grow your website traffic, then you must do what big brands don’t and find out the ways that best suit for your website.

There are a number of SEO tests that you can run on your website. This article includes top 15 SEO tests you must implement to boost your website performance in 2019.
Let’s know them in detail.

Change your title tags

Sometimes changing the titles can be an effective strategy to boost your ranking. Change the title of your blog post with the new title or a title with the variation of keywords.

Changing the title tag can improve the click-through rate (CTR) on the blog post. It overall increases traffic on your website.

Change Title tags

Strip dates from the URLs

As per the analysis, removing dates from the blog post have a positive impact on the search engine rankings.  The most important reason being the content relevancy.

Some content being dated years ago is questioned about its validity and legitimacy. Removing dates makes the content evergreen.

Add Redirection

Increase the number of reviews

Positive reviews on your website help in engaging more visitors to your website. It communicates the trustworthiness and authority of your website. Google reviews on your website help in improving your search engine rankings.

More reviews on the website mean more people will visit your website and the conversion rate your website will increase.  Reviews help in enhancing your brand name, which is very important for any business.

Increase Reviews number

Write more engaging content and increase the length of your content

Lengthy and engaging content can boost your website ranking to a great extent. Long form content performs better in search engine rankings.  Long-form content has proved to be more engaging, more shareable and best for SEO. 

Also, according to research, lengthy content has a possibility of earning more quality backlinks which ultimately improves search engine rankings.

Write more engaging content

Add optimized images

Images are very important for any blog post. It breaks the content and makes it easier to read and scan. Search engines can’t read and understand images. There are some SEO techniques involved to optimize images for search engines.

Use alt tags to describe an image. Use keyword to give a proper file name to the image. Use images in proper size. Over large images increases the loading speed of the page.

Add Optimized Images

Add or update the meta description for a page

A Meta description is the concise summary of the content of the web page. It helps in improving your website ranking. Googlebot crawls your meta description tag. Having a good meta description of the page gives it an added advantage and hence improves search engine ranking. Create a keyword-rich description with great content.

Add or Update the Meta description

Prune your site

Pruning your website with the unwanted content can enhance the quality of your website. The less junk you have on your site, the higher the quality signal of your website. Pruning low quality and low traffic pages enhance your website’s score and thus boost SEO your performance.

Pruning your website

Interlinking is adding links of other articles on your website in your current article. It helps in increasing the average session duration of the user on your site. But when interlinking a page in your content, make sure that it looks natural. Google can easily find the forced linking and it can greatly affect your site ranking.

Interlink to an Important Page

Split test with Google Optimize

With Google Optimize, run split tests on your website. Signup to the Google Optimizer and launch A/B testing. Change the page with some different colors, call to actions. Half of your visitors will see the changed version and another half will see the old version. The version with the more engaged audience will win the test.

Add new search terms

Adding new search terms in your content can be a boom to increase its ranking. Optimizing your pages for the more keywords related to your niche is the best way to increase your SEO ranking. Look for the keywords that can be added to your content. Use SEMRush to find the related keywords of your niche.

Keyword Magic Tool

It is a myth that nofollow links have no value. Nofollow links can be used to link to an untrusted content or for paid links. But followed links worth more than the nofollow links. Continue nofollow links on a single page can improve its ranking.

Remove Nofollow links

Add social share buttons in the content

Sharing your content on the social media platforms greatly improves your website’s ranking. But sometimes these buttons can be a negative indicator for your site as well.

Suppose anytime one of your articles being shared only 3 times on Facebook, then it might seem to be unpopular and people will be reluctant to share it across social media.

social share buttons

Improve site loading times

People really don’t like to wait for the pages to load. The pages with slow loading time have a trickle-down effect. Longer the time a page takes to load, the less traffic, more bounces, and less conversion the page will have.

So, by improving the website loading time, your website can rank better on search engines.

Improve site loading

Broken links can adversely affect your website SEO. There is a possibility that your website has some spammy or bad links pointing to your site. Disavow these links as they will chase away your visitors and hurt your SEO efforts. So, it’s better to remove or fix these links.

Try new technologies

Adapt new technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on your website. It’s always good to stay updated with the latest technologies. AMP is a great way to load a web page on mobile platforms quickly. This is important as page speed is a mobile ranking factor.

Have you tested your website with these SEO tests? Why not get started now! Run these SEO tests on your website and get the best performing website.

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