Top 5 Digital Flashcard Apps/Sites


As long as there have been schools and an abundance of paper, students have been making flashcards to study for tests. Flashcards are portable, customizable and make it easy to study for two minutes or an hour.

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to buy index cards and create all of your flashcards by hand. Below are five flashcard apps for your computer or mobile device. They are all easy to use, most of them are free, and they will definitely save you time and finger cramps.


1. Quizlet

Quizlet is a free online study site. You can use it to create your own flashcards, search from collections already created by other students and download the app to your mobile device to study on the go. Flashcards are easy to create and can be shuffled so you can study them randomly. The site will even create a multiple-choice quiz using your flashcards. Some other nice features are that Quizlet will play an audio version of your flashcards, and you can join a “class” with your friends, studying together or engaging in friendly competition.

2. Flashcardlet

Flashcardlet is a free app that contains flashcards for any subject. You can search by topic, edit existing cards and email collections to your friends. The subjects range from elementary school up to law school. While you cannot create original cards using the app, it is compatible with Quizlet, so you can download your own collections from that site to the Flashcardlet app. You can study cards randomly, alphabetically or in any order of your choosing.


With more than 49 million collections of flashcards, this site allows you to create flashcards, share collections and download flashcards to your mobile device. A membership is free, and a premium membership costs $19.95, allowing you to print flashcards, add images and audio, and limit who can access your original collections. (Unless you want to be able to print your cards, sticking with a free account gives you plenty of options.)

4. Flashcards Deluxe

Compatible with both Quizlet and, this $3.99 app lets you create flashcards, choose from a variety of backgrounds and has text-to-speech capabilities. The app can give spelling tests, where it says the word and you type it. You can also create flashcards on your computer and download them to this app. Unlike any of the other apps, Flashcards Deluxe allows you to create flashcards with up to five sides. It is known for being one of the most user-friendly flashcard apps.

5. Studyblue Flashcards

Yet another freebie, Studyblue Flashcards lets you create flashcards, search from millions of existing collections and keep studying statistics on your progress. This app will also send you reminders to study and has filters to save the concepts you have not mastered, so that you can choose to review only those. You can send messages to other classmates using the app, and it will save where you leave off during your sessions. Keep in mind: You do need an Internet connection to create cards with Studyblue.

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