Top TV Shows About Vehicles You Can Easily Watch On Internet TV

Top TV Shows About Vehicles

It is always fun to talk about vehicles. Do you love vehicles? You are in luck because there are so many TV shows which feature nothing but vehicles! Listed below are a lot of TV show suggestions which could definitely interest you. Catch them on Internet TV since it is impossible to get them all on your regular cable TV.

Top TV Shows About Vehicles


Of course, when it comes to vehicles, most people refer to none other than cars. There are more than a hundred television shows out there that are mainly about cars. Here are some examples:

Top Gear – There is the ever popular hit British series, Top Gear which is estimated to be viewed more than 350 million times every week in over one hundred countries all over the world. That is how popular the show is. The show features almost everything that car lovers would definitely want to see on TV. These include races, car shows, challenges, and other special segments.

Desert Car Kings – One of the most-watched automotive shows in Discovery Channel is Desert Car Kings. It is a reality program that features the McClure family. For each episode, they are given a limited time to restore vintage or classic cars. Critical reception is average since there are some who praise it while there are some who frown on it.

Fast n’ Loud – Another amazing car show from Discovery Channel is Fast n’ Loud. The show centers on Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman of the Gas Monkey Garage and features their search for run-down cars that they could restore. Its first season was considered a lot more successful than the next three seasons.


Motorcycle TV shows are gaining popularity nowadays. Most of the viewers of such TV shows belong to the biker culture.

American Chopper – Probably the most popular motorcycle TV show is American Chopper, a TV show originally aired in the Discovery Channel and then later in TLC. It is a show hosted by Paul Sr. and Paul Sr, a tandem who creates customized chopper-style motorcycles. The show obtained positive reception and it ran for ten seasons

Biker Build-Off – Another interesting motorcycle TV show from the Discovery Channel is Biker Build-Off. The show is a competition between various bike builders from all walks of life. In ten days, they try to create the best motorcycle in the competition. The TV show really features the ingenuity of anyone who really has a passion for bikes.

Build or Bust – Build or Bust is a reality television show in the United States. Probably the main goal of the show is to let people appreciate the skills of building a customized bike.  It stars Russell Mitchell who challenges people to create a custom bike. He will provide them with the parts and one month to assemble a decent bike out of them. If the bike pass Russell’s standards, the challenged gets $50,000.


Who would ever miss out on aircrafts? There are also a lot of TV shows that centered on aircrafts as there are so many TV viewers who would be interested. Here are some examples of popular aviation TV shows:

Ice Pilots – Ice Pilots is a reality television show which airs on History Canada channel. It features Buffalo Airways which fly a variety of aircrafts, most of them being WW2 propeller planes. Watch as the pilots navigate such planes through very tough conditions. The show used to air in the Weather Channel as well as the National Geographic Channel as well

Alaska Wing Men – Alaska Wing Men aired on National Geographic Channel and is also a well-known TV series about aviation. The show mainly revolves around the experiences of pilots flying to and from the most remote villages of Alaska. They engage in various tasks such as rescue missions as well as deliver various supplies. The show ran for two seasons.

The Aviators – If you would really like a show that centers on all aspects of aviation, you would want to watch The Aviators. It is an award-winning documentary that originally aired on Discovery Channel. It is a show that really lets you enjoy various pieces of information about aviation. These include pilots being trained and how aircrafts are built among others. It is one of the most successful aviation shows in history.


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