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social media

If you have noticed the rise and rise of social media and dismissed it as a waste of time, for forlorn teenagers and misguided adults, think again. If you take a closer look, you will notice that some pretty impressive brands are improving an already excellent reputation by using these platforms in the correct manner. Should you be looking into promoting your own brand in the future, you could do a hell of lot worse than harnessing this phenomenal energy for your purpose. Although it is far from rocket science, you will need to follow certain etiquette to achieve these aims. This article gives you a few golden reasons why you should be jumping on this train of opportunity sooner rather than later.

social media

Common Sense

When you consider that way more than a billion people are regular social media users, you’ll start to see why so many businesses are mad about using this expensive arena for their marketing needs. By omitting your company presence on this stage, you are losing such a huge potential of possible clients who would otherwise be improving your reputation and increasing your revenue. It’s often free and the typical individual, who you could be attracting, will only be interested in a business that is social media savvy.

Global Possibilities

Social media is huge and powerful platform that reaches into all four corners of the globe, by adding your brand to this entity, the sky is literally the limit. Just imagine having business interest from places as far afield as Japan, Australia and Italy! No matter what you brand is representing, the key to success is exposure, and you definitely get that with social media. The world never sleeps and by using these platforms to market your brand, it will be available 24/7.


Advertising is often associated with high prices and the success rate can never be guaranteed. Social media promotion is often free and by using relationship marketing, you know that you are targeting the appropriate audience. You can still keep your company website running, and just use social media to drive traffic to your online entity.



One of the great aspects of social media marketing is the ability to target specific sectors with ease. If you use Facebook to promote your brand, you can easily find the correct demographic and avoid any unnecessary timewasting. LinkedIn is another social platform that enjoys a very clear group index, use this well and you will be looking at some seriously good results.

Show Your Skills

Social media offers you the opportunity to create your own community and act as an authority. By setting up your own business profile, you can attract the audience that you desire and eliminate the competition in your own private showroom. By acting as a friendly expert, you can develop a symbiotic relationship with lots of potential. Just remember to be on hand to answer any type of query, no matter how obvious they may seem.

Get Started!


These 5 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg, once you start promoting your brand with social media you will be giving your business the best chance possible – Good luck!

Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger with Motto, providers of annual report designs. Her hobbies include swimming and cooking.

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