Unable to Connect Facebook and Twitter Together? Fix it Fast!


The craze for social media is growing every day. Facebook and Twitter are the two prominent online services that have changed the social scenario completely. You are free to share your regular updates and enlarge your networking of friends. These social networking sites have made it possible for you to connect with your old friends whom you have almost forgotten. Now, many people like to connect these two media together.

Connect Facebook and Twitter

But is it really feasible? Remote computer support services provide you the facility to connect the Facebook account with the Twitter. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be? Connecting the two accounts together will allow you to share the same update with the large group of friends in the two social networking sites.

Whatever you tweet will appear automatically on the Facebook account. A single for the two sites!!!Are you not able to connect the two accounts? Don’t be upset. Take a quick look at the section below in case you are unable to set the connection between your Facebook and Twitter account.

Tweets are not Displayed on My Facebook Account

If this is the case, then go to the Twitter account and reconnect Facebook application after disconnecting it. Log into the Twitter account > select Settings > click on Applications > Revoke Access. Now from a separate browser window log into the Facebook account. Then select Application Settings > Remove the Application > Remove Twitter.

When you are done, sign out of both the accounts and close your browser. Then open up another browser and connect your Facebook and Twitter account.

Setting the Connection of Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Firstly open up any of the web browsers and then opening a tab for twitter.com and another for facebook.com, log into the respective accounts. Now, opening Facebook’s apps page at http://apps.facebook.com/twitter, click on ‘Sign In With Twitter’. Next, you will be asked – ‘Would you like to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts?’ Click ‘Allow’ when you see this.

If you are successful in doing so, you will be signed into both your social networking sites accounts.

Making Use of Identical Twitter Account 

You cannot post on some other Facebook account from the Twitter account when you are connected to latter account from your present Facebook. Hence, if you wish to use your Twitter’s account for posting on some other Facebook’s account, you should disconnect the Twitter account from the present Facebook account you are logged in. Sign into your Facebook and click on ‘Disconnect your twitter and Facebook accounts?’ Now you are free to post as you desire.

Connecting A Number of Accounts

If you wish to stay connected to several Facebook accounts, every Facebook account should have a unique Twitter account. Don’t you have different Twitter accounts? You will not be able to connect to different accounts. Connect to a new Facebook account and create its respective Twitter account. Is this confusing for you? Contact the online tech support team right away! You will get the assistance you are looking for.

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