Unpopular future predictions of IoT

Unpopular future predictions of IoT

The Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, it is not exaggerating to say that internet is marking its role in almost all the places. Apart from mobile app development, we have seen almost every major industry put lots of resources into IoT, and foremost industries are rapidly moving to implement IoT solutions that drive the primary concern. In today’s scenario, most of the people are using anyone or in some case all of the following gadgets- laptops, tablets, computers, and smartphones. And all these devices do require internet. Also, the various online and offline apps are available in the market which is making our lives easier. Now, let us look into the various future prediction of IoT which many people do not know

IoT used by Hackers

The IoT malware was first introduced in October 2016.

  • The accessibility of the malware is made so easy for various devices via the default login details
  • After getting the access, those devices turn into a botnet and is used for distributed denial of service attack
  • The strains of malware are potent to infect the connected devices
  • This attack of malware has bought a screeching halt for longer hours to many websites. This attack has also affected many of the big hosting companies.
  • The malware code is an open source for various modifications
  • These codes are getting modified and start infecting the computer, windows, and other various connected devices.

It is predicted that the hackers will continue to use IoT for DDoS in the future as well.

Routers are made Secured

  • Installing software is difficult as the various devices are inside our home.
  • The security is one of the things which is being neglected these days, as the entire craze is on

The role of Home routers

Routers serve as the entire sites for the internet into the various devices inside the house, so it has the ability to protect the internet entrance, but that’s where the problem comes. Routers without any security software openly invite malware through them. So, in future, all these routers are made so secure that they do not allow any malware.

Features possessed by such routers

  • Secure DNS
  • Data encryption
  • Automatic security updates

App Specific Device Ecosystems

  • A proposal stating the creating of semi-closed devices vendor ecosystem for apps is made popular
  • This will make it possible that the multi-vendor ecosystem certify different brands by their IoT gateways
  • Many comprehensive devices managements use the IoT app vendors these days, meaning all the various components bind together by a single vendor for working
  • This means the IoT industry require open device management standardization, whose are effects are soon coming into the limelight. This will help in achieving a better level of maturity and then the customer need not have the fear of hardware damage.

Various Attractive Inventions

There is a particular type of sensor called, multi-application gas sensors which will help in detecting the various biochemical threats and will help in identifying various diseases by analyzing the breath. This kind of sensors is ruling the trend these days.

  • This technology helps in reducing pollution, through light indications.
  • This technology is also made useful for various parking systems, by providing an indication for an empty spot via the app.

Increased number of Connected Devices

It is predicted that by the year 2020, the number of connected devices will rise rapidly.

Smart cities

The usage of IoT is not restricted to only individual customers, but also various companies and cities are also planning to adopt IoT. The usage of IoT will help in making the lives easier in various cities in managing and collected remote data, apart from being time and cost-effective. It also helps in making various processes automated.

Smart products Usage

The applications of IoT is not limited to home, but also it is extended towards business and other environments. The number of devices which are connected is increasing in number which is making real-time communication and data transfer easy. The various other advantages of using Smart products from the customer’s point of view are a better safety, better quality of the product, improved energy efficiency, increased security.

Role of IoT in various businesses

Various Business firms are using IoT for their growth. This means that there is a subsequent demand for mobile app development companies, which are developing mobile apps for such devices and includes monitoring systems for both SMBs and enterprises, navigation, computing, and so much more. The investments of various business firms on IoT is on raise and it is expected to be $t6 trillions in the next coming five years. Comparing various business firms with other sectors in adopting IoT, the business sector is adopting IoT at a faster rate. This is mainly because IoT helps in cost-effectiveness and raise productivity.

Even the government is having a look at this IoT, for making the lives of the people better. And it is believed that they are the second largest adopter of these solutions, even various individual customers are also started investing in IoT ecosystems.


Owing to all the various things mentioned above, IoT is no doubt attribute in changing the lives of the people. The lives are made easy with various machine based control systems, sensors which will help in carrying out the complex task and getting real-time data for analysis. It is noteworthy to mention that the sensors used for data analytics will be beneficial in decision making also.

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