Usability testing to build a performing website


Users make a website successful. It is their choice how they think about your site and take needful actions. You hardly have a control over their mind.

So what? Will you stop chasing them?

As a business person you can’t leave the matter as it is. Rather you should identify what and how users are treating your site information? You have to make sure that target audience appreciate your work and precede for real business in the end. This could be submitting contact form, a request for order processing, an email inquiry for order booking, a phone call for business partnership or a meet up.

The bottom line is you have to depend on how users want your company website to look, feel and work. Make it a point – if your online customers do not find your site worthy to visit there is no point doing SEO or any sort of marketing for it. Usability comes first and need for marketing is the second priority.

usability testing

Introducing usability testing:

Here web usability testingcomes in play. It is an iterative process that involves feeding back key improvements to your web development team and discussing user needs.  Thus usability testing runs throughout web design process and in the end throughout the whole lifecycle of a website even after it gets live.

Therefore, to verify if your business goals and objectives are aligned with user requirements or not expert suggestions is a necessity.  You have to find ways to identify how your current website or products featured in it could be better. Possibly a collective recommendations can guide you the scope of improvement.

If you are new to this process here is a brief on how it works –

Usability testing is considered as a part of new web design project, an ongoing marketing strategy online or a post-mortem of an existing website.  Earlier typical Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns were used for user testing, but this does not hold good as conversion rate of this is low.

The best idea is to recruit a representative sample of target audience. Here participants are called for using the site much similar to that of real world users.  During site usage participants are observed carefully and each of their actions are recorded. They are also encouraged to talk aloud to their own convenience and freedom.  Thus you get the real reviews with all their facial expressions.

Then usability testers ask un-biased questions and perform a series of internal tests. Participants are also interviewed to collect suggestions for further improvement.  Thus the report generated is an authentic document which describes real usage pattern of a website. The study results are vivid and worth investigating for further improvements.

However make sure you have consulted the right company to conduct usability research. Your website success much depends on that.

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