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Internet is a boon, but it can be a bane too. Don’t you believe that? If you have not faced the odd yet, you won’t. However, it does not mean your online identity is safe in this big internet world. Digital information is susceptible to piracy, hacking and distortion.

If you don’t agree to this here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. How secure your business and private communications are over the internet?
  2. Did you think about it ever before?
  3. Are you sure that someone is not spying on your browsing habits out of your ignorance?
  4. Haven’t you noticed major security threats that online businesses have been dealing with so far?

Connecting to remote resource day in and day out and that too with highly-secret data is not out of danger.

Things have changed a lot in this internet world. Today even average users know that the data transfer is less secure than it was thought earlier.

Therefore, maintaining privacy and data security is the top most priority for both -individuals as well as business entities.  You have to bear the sole responsibility of internet security in your workplace and in your home.

VPN Services

What measures to consider?

 There are a few basics to follow – Install a firewall, block known intrusive IP addresses or simply use an antivirus program for total internet security.

 However, is that good enough to go you think?

 No, it is not.

 Here are the facts you must know about internet security:

  1. Protecting up to the primary level of security is not beyond question. It is vulnerable to potential threats that you are not aware of.
  1. Privacy can extend from one end of connection to another. Protecting a certain portion of it is not viable option. Antivirus, firewalls are limited to their functions.
  1. When you are connected to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) through Wifi it is an open connection. Open connections (between computer system and Wifi router) are unencrypted and susceptible to unwanted intrusions. Open Wifi signal traversing through air can be sniffed or read by anyone with the use of appropriate software.
  1. Although some ISPs use encryption it is only the connection between WiFi device and your computer that is protected. Everything beyond WiFi device remains unprotected and is easily open to other users of the same ISP.

The above mentioned points prove that you are yet to take internet security to the next level.

What is that next level we are talking about? How to ensure ultimate security for all your inbound and outbound data?

It is Virtual Private Network (VPN) – The total solution for your personal and professional internet browsing.

What is this Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is a fully encrypted and private internet connection that connects users and remote sites to each other via VPN service provider. It creates private tunnel through the public network that protects your internet activities from packet sniffers.

How VPN works?

A virtual private network enables you to connect your machine to a virtual network that encrypts all the data you send and thus hide everything from public access. A good VPN service provider can ensure that none of the records of your browsing history is accessible to anonymous user, neither WiFi users nor people managing local internet services or their ISP.

 Thus VPN service providers can give you high level of security. The entire path from a computer system via ISP to VPN provider is fully encrypted i.e. end-to-end encryption.

 Who use VPN?

VPNs are used a lot in countries where access to internet is limited, such as in China. Large corporations too use VPNs as their employees need to access highly secured and sensitive information from a public network.

Why use VPN?

 A. For individuals

VPN users can save hundreds of dollars in a month on internet connections.  The service comes at much lesser cost than it is needed to have dedicated private network from a long-distance service provider.

Virtual Private Network connections are protected from external users. It safeguards crucial data and provide secured access to remote applications.

By using VPN users can access websites that are not available in a region for political or other reasons. VPN unblocks websites in countries where internet censorship is must. However, it does not mean VPN service allows users to take illegal benefit of internet access.

B. For a business

VPN can extend the use of private internal networks (Intranets) designed for internal employees. By integrating VPN service, employees can work from remote offices or from their homes. This allows users to access their workplace from anywhere in the world without posing any security issue. VPN can really turn internet to a corporate network.

Which VPN services to use?

VPN services are paid in general. However, to get started with, you may consider VPN services that are completely free to use. GPass, ProXPN, SecurityKiss, Itshidden,CyberGhost are a few resources you can try.

Although I personally recommend not going for free services as there are a number of restrictions on using free VPN accounts. Rather, opting for a monthly scheme is a better and viable option.  There is no point taking a chance with your business security online.

Why don’t you try out VPNServices.net – and choose the best VPN service provider – a few clicks away from you?

Here at VPNServices.net

You can avail VPN services at as low as $4.95 in a month. Isn’t it really affordable? ibVPN – a VPN services company makes it possible for you.

The maximum you need to pay per month for best of the services is only $14.99 which is almost nothing compared to the security value you will get. Banana VPN does it for you.

You can read handful reviews on popular VPN services such as HideMyAss, StrongVPN and PureVPN.  However, the Hidemyass review is worth mentioning here as it is a brand name in VPN market.

You can go through latest news on VPN technology which will keep you updated on what is going around in global scale.

The How To section is extremely useful for knowledge based tips on VPN use.

For further information on VPN packages and services I personally suggest you to visit VPN service reviews site VPN Services.net  in case you need a list of UK VPN . This is a prerequisite before you hire a VPN provider.


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