Web Technologies can’t help but be creative and dynamic


 Years come and go. What remains is the impression and visual score every new technology comes up with. In this technology field there is always a better place to live in. We get to see number of new browser features, cool web applications and new set of programming languages rocking the web platform. Then after a few blasts everything stops and moves on to the next surprise. Web technologies are no more a monopoly game to game. That is where its beauty lies.

Web Technology Refreshing

However, few of them blow our minds because of their utility and brilliance. And, eventually they become our must-haves. You can define them life-altering innovations of the decade.

Yes, in last 3 years web experiences had been really phenomenal. Here we will take a look at what hit the centre stage and why. Every new technology has an incubation period, level of maturity, mass appeal, and growth curve. Success depends on how that came in public, how people have reacted to it. Online identity is about relationship your technology builds up with your web users.

Following technologies have made the web a better place than it was earlier.

1. Concept: Identity Management

Technologies:   Open ID, Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect

2. Concept: Better functionalities in web page creation

Technologies: HTML5

3. Concept: Lifestreaming

Technologies: FriendFeed, Plaxo Pulse, Digsby

4.  Concept: Browsing performance

Technologies: Firefox4

5. Concept:   Web-enabled browsing performance

Technologies: Google Chrome

6. Concept: Awareness location

Technologies: Yelp’s app, Google’s local search app, Yahoo’s FireEagle, Say Where etc. Browser plug-ins like Google gears, Firefox geode etc.

The morale:

There has been a blend of web and mobile in terms of application support. With new mobile web devices coming in market web technologies are getting farmer and stronger. The way above mentioned web-tech fruits have created their identity, it is praiseworthy.

However, this world is ever hungry like we are. Web users are never satisfied with the things at hand. In fact, developers too won’t leave any space for users to complain.

All in all, it is great to be part of ever-green world where everything seems so dynamic. We will always look for that extra edge.

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