Cloud Computing

Why are Businesses Choosing Cloud Hosting?


Technology has made us global. Then, how could your IT set up remain on premise?  Globalisation is everywhere and that sets the rule of a business today. In fact, the future of computing was decided way back. The time has appeared when one needs to understand the importance of using shared resources, software, information that is available on demand much like the electricity grid.

Cloud Computing

Let’s face the reality

As a business grows and starts maximising its return on investment, centralisation of key resources becomes important. Security arrangements, data backup, software resources, remote access, and internal communication among employees – each of these areas needs specialised attention. Spaces for infrastructure, data storage, document accessibility, hosting service also become the primary pain points.  Organisations that deploy geographically distributed team face this challenge even more. Therefore, to run smooth operation businesses need an out-of-the-box single-point solution. Cloud Computing has been a primary face to achieve this goal.

Let’s go by the statistics

In an early report by the Cloud Industry Forum, it was said that by the end of the 2013, more than 75% businesses would be using at least one of the cloud services in the United Kingdom. It was also reported that over 80 percent of the existing cloud users would increase their budget in this segment.

Let’s find out what drives this growth

Now when some businesses keep on investing on dedicated servers and on premise IT set ups, why not most of the others follow the same route? We need to understand why businesses choose to use cloud hosting services from a third-party than enhancing their own IT infrastructure, which appears to be a long term solution.

Here are some of the reasons why cloud technology seems to be the most beneficial from a business standpoint.

Reduced Upfront Costs

With cloud-based solution business owners can reduce their day-to-day operational costs. Emailing, document sharing, web conferencing all these cloud based service models can save you from a high capital expenditure. You also don’t need to buy a dedicated server or spend high on the security of IT hardware. All the required IT solutions are available online at the fraction of the costs.

Better Communication

Cloud Computing enables professionals to work on a variety of devices (such as PC, laptop, Smartphone) and from a variety of locations. Since documents, files, software are available online you can use them as long as you have an internet connection with enough bandwidth. This means you can work from anywhere and anytime.

Ease of Use

In a cloud environment you don’t need to install any hardware or software. You can simply save a document in Sky Drive, the same way you save a word document in your hardware. These simple operational methods don’t require any training or specialised consultation.

Improved Productivity

With cloud based tools such as Online Exchange and SharePoint it is easy to share documents, send emails from outside of the office and access any files from anywhere. This helps employees to work remotely with greater degree of flexibility and mobility. Your employees can work with the same intuitive and software packages that they are aware of.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud users can freely choose the type of services they need. They can also control the expenditure themselves. Business owners just need to sign up for the particular IT function and pay for the same till they need to continue with that. If there are certain changes in the demand, they can pay more or less as the trend goes.

Quick Upgrades

Cloud vendors are always at par when it comes to upgrading cloud based solutions. This means a business owner does not need to keep track of updating software or upgrading tool versions time to time. The service providers use their own resources, time and expertise to keep your business running. Since this is a competitive market every vendor will try their level best to keep customers happy and secure new business.

Enhanced Security

Associating your business with cloud computing vendors ensures that you constantly get secure service.  Usually companies spend considerable amount of money in securing their servers, data centres and IT connections from piracy, malware and external threats.  With cloud servicing model they can save this overhead cost and benefit from the economies of scale.

Data Backup

Remote IT backup and cloud based data storage solutions are also very much in need that on premise hardware components cannot deliver. Studies have shown that more than 50% businesses can go out of order if they lose just a year of crucial data. Cloud computing ensures that you get back to your business in no time even if you lose your whole office. Your customers may still consume your service uninterruptedly.

Most importantly, with cloud computing services, business owners can manage or outsource a whole department such as sales and marketing. To most of the people who have already worked in this model, cloud computing is a great solution indeed.

Now, with all the above explanations, you have more ways to weigh in – if moving your existing IT set up to cloud model makes a better sense in the long run.

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