Why Are Some Brands So Successful With Product Packaging?


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Have you ever wondered why some brands are so successful with product packaging while others aren’t? Well, here you’re about to get some answers. We look at the techniques and strategies top brands use to boost their sales and enhance the unboxing experience. By the end, you should have some helpful tips to point you in the right direction for your packaging, regardless of what you sell.

Communicate Something About The Brand

Some brands are successful because their packaging communicates important information about the company. It reveals more about the product within and what the enterprise stands for.

For example, Amazon makes a big fuss about posting every parcel and package in its trademark brown cardboard. This presentation seems a little strange at first, but it makes sense when you understand more about the brand and its values. Amazon sees itself as more of a utility than a private company, providing delivery services for people across the globe. The brown cardboard is emblematic of that, immediately reminding people of its branding.

The cardboard is also recyclable. Therefore, Amazon can use it to point to how it is taking care of the environment, one of its core values.

Lastly, the packaging conveys Amazon’s objective to be the easiest-to-use online brand. Parcels are simple to open, with many having pull-tabs and perforated edges to make the unboxing experience more straightforward.

Add Functionality

Another trait of brands that are successful with their packaging is the functionality it offers. Firms that make their packaging easy to use for consumers are better able to get ahead of the competition.

We’ve all bought those sealed plastic containers that are virtually impossible to open, even when you use your teeth. The hard plastic cuts your skin and can even make you bleed, even though you need the product there and then.

You can understand why some companies choose to use packaging like this. It means people can’t access products easily and packaging won’t break during transit. But it’s also unhelpful for the vast majority of people, making it less popular. You don’t want to cut your fingers every time you buy a new charger or pair of swimming goggles.

By contrast, the best brands add functionality. These use packaging elements to make their product easy to access or even enable it to complement the contents. We’ve all seen this with bouquets of flowers, gift set boxes, and chocolates.

Grab Attention

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Another thing successful brands do with their packaging is grab attention. Instead of making it purely functional, they leverage it as a marketing tool.

Packaging doesn’t necessarily have to be bright and bold to stand out, but it should be distinctive. For example, you see a lot of companies these days packaging products in tissue paper inside cardboard or wooden boxes. This addition can make the product feel more boutique or bespoke.

You also see companies using unusual packaging materials reflecting their values. Brands are often keen to use wood to communicate their eco-friendliness or even metal for high-end firms.

What these enterprises have in common is a recognition that novelty sells. Companies that can make their packaging unique stand a higher chance of being noticed by busy consumers who are just looking for the best deal or most convenient service.

Talks About Value

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Another thing the best product packaging does is talk about value. It reveals why consumers should make the purchase in the first place. Otherwise, it’s just a gimmick.

Communicating value on product packaging is challenging, but numerous firms have done it successfully already. This fact makes your life considerably easier over time.

One option is to take cues from the industry leader in your segment. They’re often doing something right that you can emulate without copying to get a step ahead of where you are now.

Another strategy is to focus on features and benefits. Consumers love to know how a product is going to make their lives better. If you can grab their attention on the box, they’re more likely to take the product inside seriously and try it to see if it solves their problems.

Tiffany’s robin egg blue box is a case in point. The packaging instantly communicates the luxury and exclusivity of the products inside. Hardly anyone can afford jewelry from the outfit, so anyone carrying one of these bags is already celebrating their purchase.

So there you have it: some reasons why some brands are so successful with their product packaging. Adopting these ideas could help your firm thrive.

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