Why International Usability testing is so significant?

International Usability Testing

Usability testing is a powerful tool that measures user behaviour in a website. If the testing is well planned, moderated and executed, its findings can be applied to wider target audience.

However, the finding does not apply to disparate user groups. You cannot conduct similar testing sessions for users living in different part of world. Separate audience groups have their own goals, language and culture set up. You may have to run separate testing session for audience located in different country.

Here is the significance of international usability testing.

You have two ways to consider an international usability-testing project. The former one is lab-based and latter one is remote method.

Lab-based international usability testing is more expensive and difficult to run. However, these testing sessions offer best feedback on audience’s behaviour and attitude.

In remote usability testing, it is easier and cheaper to run the sessions. But there may be anomalies in its feedback system. This method involves larger number of participants for survey.

Since lab-based testing is considered high worth, it is often best carried out by local experts. Here local participants have to interpret high-level tasks as per their own priorities. This specific task can only be done in tactical way. Since foreigners are not aware of local knowledge it is important that local experts or trained company personnel carry out the usability session. This ensures language and culture is not a barrier in feedback collection.

To support this model of usability testing comprehensive testing plan should be in place. This may include video demonstration as an example session and sample documentation.

For further discussion, you have to take help of usability consultancy experts. Why don’t you come Spotless Interactive and speak about your project plan?

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