YouTube Explore: How To Feature Your Videos on YouTube Discovery Page

YouTube Explore

YouTube is the infotainment website in the digitized world. Everyone uses social media for their needs and entertainment. The world’s second-largest website is YouTube.

YouTube allows everyone to upload videos, watch videos, and the primary important things are to promote your business using this platform. Making a YouTube video is a part of marketing strategies. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and is owned by Google.

YouTube video content shows up in the results alongside text-based articles and blog posts, which is excellent. It allows them to show the audience how their products or services work and make a human connection with them.

About Your YouTube’s Audience

The first marketing strategy is to know your audience’s wishes, like what type of content they like and what kind of content they prioritize. Then take note and follow your strategy.

Actually, 2 billion active users sign on YouTube per month; therefore, the active users’ list has increased every month. Also, the content creator’s number too increased. The audience is not randomly entered on the platform. They have attracted once, and they will convert into subscribers and following channels, regularly watching your videos and commenting on your content.

YouTube reaches the age difference between 18-49 years in an average week more than the cable TV network. And they spend more than 250 million hours every day, which is more than 39% higher than last year. The audience age is extensive, which means more than 50 and older to watch your videos.

YouTube Differs From Google

Google-owned YouTube in 2005, both are similar, and it will follow more rules and regulations. The viewers search for the same info but in a very different marketplace. Keywords and tags are more helpful to grow your channel on YouTube. As well as Google helps to improve your channel with the help of keywords.

On the front page of Google, there are a few account links at the top, but for the most part, it’s an empty page with a search box in the middle. Google needs to deliver the answer to your question on their page or move you to a website that can give you a more deep answer.

By the way, the audience found your content on each platform. To illustrate, depending on your previous views and engagement. YouTube will receive more suggested videos that they think like right on the homepage if you have entered a search or not.

YouTube is trying to get people back to the platform, grasp their attention, and keep them there via subscriptions. Thus, for many marketers who want to do well on YouTube, it’s imperative to create creative content that supports their goals.

YouTube Differ From Facebook

The audience isn’t going to Facebook to search for their needs. Instead, the audience is browsing through the current updates and passing their time. When they get a perfect or entertaining video at that moment, they will scroll and spend the time watching videos. The people on YouTube are primarily looking for content to watch.

How Is Discovered A Video on YouTube?

There are many ways to find the video by the audience. That is,

  • Search a relevant content
  • Browsing content and moved from one suggested video to the next
  • Watching playlists (searching any related videos in the playlists)
  • Finding a popular channel through video collaborations
  • Watching the suggested video which shows on the YouTube homepage

If you wish to YouTube shows your video in the suggestion list, you should help them accomplish their objectives of getting people back to YouTube. Using effective keywords and tags helps to bring the SERP pages. Also, get more likes for your YouTube videos to help the viewers to watch, and hold user attention.

YouTube wants the people to engage with your videos as much as possible and subscribe to new channels. Also, give support for your videos to improve yourself.

Making a Video That Helps to People Back to YouTube

Many YouTube videos on the audience’s homepage are attractive, but it’s also influenced by what the audience is interested in watching.

As a channel owner or business person, you will use the profit of having a publicized schedule. The production of YouTube videos on a specific day can be an incentive to get people back to YouTube. Whether YouTube can conclude, that’s why they are coming back, and your videos will stand a better chance of showing up as suggested content.

Creating your content part of anyone’s weekly routine to the point where YouTube will improve your video to the homepage means that the audience starts their viewing session with you perfect in front of them. That’s valuable.

To measure the traffic from the viewers searching YouTube’s homepage and view YouTube Analytics and get the complete result of your videos.

Support Watch Time on YouTube

Improving watch time is a way to grasp the audience’s attention. Your next question is, how do you improve watch time?

That’s a forceful wave to the viewers that the YouTube video is over, there is no additional value, and it may safely abandon it. You have encouraged someone who gives you the maximum amount of watch time on YouTube video and to click and see another video.


YouTube is one of the best marketing websites to improvise your channel and business. It helps to reach out to the audience easily. Therefore, create effective video content and upload them without any hesitation. Finally, you will get the audience to love and support and get more success.

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