10 unconventional ways to build links for your website


Those who say – “Link building strategies have gone outdated and it hardly carries any value to search engines” – need a serious break. Yes, it is a fact that almost every search engine optimiser is running behind those conventional link building plans. Article marketing, text link exchange, social bookmarking, press release and blah, blah, blah – there is nothing new for you to discover or apply. It seems our year-old link development programs have reached to the level of maturity.

Don’t you feel bad for this?

Aren’t you bit tired of doing similar things repeatedly? 

How long you expect your SEO clients to go with such link scope?  You are not sure, right?

Unconventional ways to link

Well, if you are ready to try something new and want to get noticed, here are a few unconventional link building techniques in brief.

1. Enlist your website with a local library:

It has been seen for quite sometime that Google and other search engines give priority to online libraries.  Since libraries have the most exhaustive collections of links Google prefer them showing in SERPs.  Getting a link to your website from such a high-valued platform is always worth gold.

What all you have to do for this is

  • Research out the websites of local libraries in your area
  • Send them a polite mail requesting a link back to your site

2. Become a product reviewer:

Make a habit of reviewing other’s websites and products that interests you.  Sites like Amazon, Google Shopping, Epinions – all are heavily dependent on user-generated reviews.  By writing product reviews on these sites and similar other sites you may leave a reference link to your site. This works wonders.

3. Be a guest speaker for others:

If you think you are good at giving presentations on a certain topic please do it for free for other’s websites.  There is a high chance that local news sources and publications will cover your event.  This way you can ensure quality traffic as well as earn good backlinks.

4. Build applications:

Developing and realising an app could be time-consuming and a little expensive. But if you could come up with something new and exciting, be sure, you will never repent doing it again.  Anything you do on iPhone and Android platforms are always appreciated.  The credit is all for you and your site featuring this app.

5. Links for gifts:

We all love gifts if it is free.  You can simply give away small gifts to your audience and ask them to link your site as an entry free.  This viral marketing works wonders as you can get loads of links from various sources.

6. Create a local network: 

This is one method most of us strive to do but end up at almost nothing.  You may ask your local vendor and non-competing business partner to link you if it makes sense. You can also join Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or support local charities in this regard.

7. Connect to networking sites that are ready to syndicate your website news. This way you can create substantial amount of backlinks to your site.

8. Interview experts:

This needs you to have a little clout in the industry. But if you can snag an interview with an expert, you can expect thousands of visitors linking back to your published news.

9. Release a coupon code:

Coupon code sites attract most of us. These are incredibly popular among consumers who are looking for best possible deals.  By launching your own coupon codes you can take advantage of this hype and get link back to your site as a donation.

10. Join industry trade organisations:

Joining trade organisations gives you perceived authority. Once you are entitled to a listing in the group’s directory you get a quality link from high authority site. This may cost you some fees but it is reasonable when compared to the cost of paid directory links.

Thus, you are sure to build high quality links most naturally. Google values natural way of link-building so your effort to arrange them from various sources. No matter what way you prefer building links, keep in mind that it is a long-term effort.

 Start doing it today and gradually you will reap benefits for tomorrow. For further help or suggestions you may consider asking SEO service UK companies.

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