3 Things Retail Businesses Do That Their Customers Hate


Running a retail business can be extremely hectic at all times during the year. There’s so much competition between companies it’s hard to gain loyal customers. The key is making sure your customers are happy at all times. To do this, you should learn about three things retail businesses do that their customers hate. By learning about these three things, you can avoid them and make your customers happy!

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Rearrange The Layout Frequently

Retail business owners will know that the layout of their shop is crucial. If you lay everything out strategically, then it can actually increase your sales. So, from time to time, shops will often change the layout of their shop. They’ll move things around to try and make the layout more attractive and make customers buy more items. This isn’t a problem if it happens once a year, possibly even less frequently. The issue comes when it happens every month or every few weeks. Frequent layout changes will really annoy your customers. They’ll hate it because they get used to how a shop is set up. A customer can walk into your store and move to the right place in the shop to buy an item they know is always there. When things get moved around, it grinds their gears and also means they waste time having to find the new location. In the end, they may go into a rival shop because they’re sick of all the changes. The easy way to avoid this is to try and keep the general layout of your store the same for as long as possible.

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Only Accept Cash Payments

A surefire way to annoy customers is to only accept cash payments. There’s a time and a place where paying in cash is quick and easy, and everyone wins. That time and place are when a customer actually has the right amount of cash with them when they enter your store. If they don’t, then they’ll get to the point of sale and be annoyed when they realize you only accept cash. In the future, they’ll avoid your store because they know you only accept cash and they might not carry it around all the time. To prevent your customers from getting agitated, you need to accept credit cards and other payment types. This ensures anyone can walk in and pay for anything without getting irritated!

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Never Provide Discounts

Almost every retail business out there will provide discounts of some sort. They give loyalty discounts to returning customers or just slash prices in a sale. This makes their customers happy as they can get products for less money than usual. So, when a retail business never provides discounts, their customers aren’t going to be best pleased. They’ll see all these other shops providing cheaper products for their customers and won’t bother sticking around your business for very long! You simply have to provide various discounts or your customers will hate you.

Avoid these three things if you want to run a profitable retail business. You’ll prevent customers from hating your business and ensure they have a smile on their faces.

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