5 Tips on how you can make your Guest Posts Convert


Dipping into the blogging world has several options for you to explore. You can have your own blog site and post away, or you may take advantage of already reputable blog sites and ride along by doing guest postings. In this article, we will talk about 5 tips on how you can leverage on your guest posts and make them convert more.

Converting Guest Posts

5 Tips for Converting Guest Posts

It is really tempting to simply find a high traffic blog site then simply dig in without thinking of anything else. At all costs do not do this as this may just ruin your reputation, that you may be tagged as a hitchhiker. Have a presence of mind to first make sure that your host’s site is an active community, and this can be done by checking the number and quality of comments the posts are getting there. Once you are certain that the whole community is of value, start carefully your guest post activities and always ensure quality in your compositions, that you are up to par as with all other blogs there in the site, make users there feel that you are not just there for yourself, but you are there to contribute and help the whole community. This way, you will get appreciation, followings, and most of all, respect and reputation! Do not just do guest posts there to get back links, and remember that guest posts are engagement, relationship, and authorship building too.

2. Don’t forget your call to action

Call to action texts or buttons help all sorts of users on the web. They provide a straight and informative method of engaging and capturing their niche. Having call to action tools create interaction and triggers your readers to dig in and give comments, feedbacks, questions and others that may level up the quality and engagement qualities of your blogs. For the text in your call to actions, a great tip will be to instil to readers that they will benefit if they participate. Research and statistics have proved that people will be more inclined to take action if you offer a very tangible benefit. Examples are call to button which says: “Click to comment and leave your Email address for free consultation.”

3. Optimize your keywords

Literally arranging the order of words in your posts can also help you in SEO to further get more conversions. Evenly distribute keywords and link those to your main body to quickly reflect to searchers your blogs’ main theme. But, another thing that may help is the optimization of keywords themselves, meaning if you compose your keyword phrases well, you will further level up your SEO. Put yourself in the shoes of the readers, and ask yourself, “If I were to search for a query on the web, what key words will I use?” Think deep and use words that come up to be search worthy, but at the same time, do not use words that are too common that other bloggers use too, as you might end up in the pile of search results. Be unique and stand out, and avoid too long and linked keywords that further deviate you from the search results.

4. Value Relevance

To further support our first point, do not simply create a huge size of a blog, instead, think of a blog that has full of relevance. If what you write is relevant to your target reader niche, and accompany that with great quality and engagement, then you will convert in no time. If you will be a host, which you must try too to have conversions in two directions, choose the most relevant blogs that you know will help you readers. Show gratitude to your guests too by thanking them and encouraging them to keep up the relevant nature of their articles there. To wrap this concept up, create the connection with your readers by giving them what they want and need.

5. Provide Blog Statistics

A great proof of your good reputation is to share your statistics to your readers! If your blog statistics are good, they clearly reflect your conversions and they attract more readers. Share your monthly new visitors, page view statistics, and rankings too from Google and other search engines if applicable. Broadcast the power you possess, just don’t over do it and remain the humble blogger you should be.

Do these 5 tips and you will sooner or later get the exposure and following you want. You may also link your social networking sites to your posts to further capture your audience and keep them in your fishpond. Remember in life, strategic actions will yield great results, so is true in guest posting!

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