Write Content Like a Pro – Tips on Advanced Content Writing Strategies

Content Writing Strategies

Content is the most critical component of any online presence. Your web page can be well-designed, flashy, and complete, but without quality content, you will fail to capture the attention of visitors. Ultimately, what decides the popularity of your web presence is how much value you can provide to visitors through the content.

Having valuable content on the Internet will ensure that your customers and readers keep coming back to you. When you offer readers informative and helpful content, they start to perceive you as a dependable and credible source. So, when they are in need of information, chances are high that they may turn to you. It is important that you are well versed with writing good content for the Internet so that you keep your readers happy. Read on to know how to write content like a pro! 

Content Writing Strategies

Keywords and keyphrases

The old SEO rules gave much preference to the keyword density in content. Now, you should try not to over-optimize the webpage by filling it up with keyword-rich content. The density of keywords is not as important as the quality of the content you are trying to produce. As such, you should put more emphasis in providing value-rich content rather than overusing keywords.

Search engines use latest semantic indexing or LSI, which locates relationship between words in the content. As such, you more related keywords or keyword synonyms in your page. Related keywords can be found by using (~) before the keywords when searching queries in Google. You can also use external keyword tool from Google. 

The right length and depth

It is essential in SEO to write content that is detailed and has depth about a certain topic. The content should be unique and not compromise on quality. Detailed and in depth content will allow better search engine rankings.

Also, users generally tend to use long-tailed keywords when searching for content. So, you should optimize such keywords in the content on your webpage. This can help boost search engine rankings. 

Writing with an inbound perspective

If your content is about services and products, then write content that the prospective clients might be looking for. You can write about prices, attributes, competitive advantages, and specialties of your particular offerings. You should look at the content from a customer’s perspective before posting it on your site.

Social media has become an important content marketing tool in recent times. Search engines and users are always looking out form unique information and content that provides value to them and others. Your website can create buzz in various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ if you put up unique and valuable content. 

You should also lay emphasis on optimizing snippets and titles in the content. A whopping 90% of users are attracted by the title or subject. You can increase the CTR of you webpage by using catchy and appropriate titles. Try to use rating, author, and some other snippet attributes in the webpage.

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