Advanced Yahoo Site Explorer – What is new for us?


Yahoo Site explorer gets updated with a gamut of features for experienced users. Now verified site owners can have much more page-level and site-level dashboard information.

There are two ways you can avail additional statistics of your site.

SearchMonkey Object and Key Terms of websigmas

A. SearchMonkey objects

At page level you can see statistics for SearchMonkey objects. SearchMonkey is a Yahoo service that allows site owners and developers to use organized data to make search results more visually appealing and useful. It helps to get more relevant traffic to their sites.

What is the benefit? If you are a site owner and want to enhance search results (minute details of your site) you can supply additional information like – product prices & info, videos, local contact details, event details, games, discussions, news, document presentations.

How to do it? To avail the all around benefits you have to mark up your page or provide a feed that matches one of the SearchMonkey templates.  Thus, the summary page of your site at Site Explorer will   display SearchMonkey objects that Yahoo has indexed. It is like you can see separate index value for different SearchMonkey objects (for example Video, contact details etc.).

Yahoo developer team is trying to strengthen backend logic for SearchMonkey feeds. It means site owners can quickly run a test for their SearchMonkey feeds. No need to wait for batch processes to return.

B. Search key Terms

Now site owners using site explorer tool can view search key terms and delicious bookmark information on the same page. You can access to all sorts of Meta data of your pages be it through SearchMonkey, Delicious or other extraction codes.

If you had been to your Google analytics page or Alexa traffic statistics page, you can compare and understand the importance of these key terms for your site.

Site Explorer facilitates site owners by providing minute details of their site performance. This is a new feather added to existing features. You can view total number of pages indexed on Yahoo, number of feeds live, meta title of your site, delicious activities etc.

As a site owner what more analysis you could expect from a search engine for free? Yahoo Site Explorer continually improves and ensures that its users get better site analysis every time.

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