Are You Making These 5 Basic SEO Mistakes?

SEO Mistakes

So you’ve created your website wanting to find wealth on the internet, and it looks great. But there is no outcome from this! Then learn concepts like SEO (search engine optimization – such as Google), and you start to feel more confident about it and of still feel uneasy to take decisions, it is advised to Hire a SEO professional.

SEO Mistakes

Here are some typical mistakes that people make when optimizing site:

1. No easy access to search engines or not having a friendly domain.

You should check whether your web site is easily crawled by the robots of search engines, as this is essential for inclusion in Google indexing. To do this, it is essential to check and optimize the file “robots.txt” to facilitate the tracing of the search engines. On the other hand, check your navigation through all the pages of our site, internal links should not be broken on website and ensure that quality content is not hidden or difficult to find.

2. Do not include the right words at the website.

Think of the words by which we want to make our site traceable for, and therefore we can not forget that must be present on our page.

3. Do not think appealing and quality content.

Another of the most common mistakes in SEO is not to think about generating quality content and attractive to users, therefore it is recommended to think of something attractive that should be findable by the person interested in visiting our website. In addition, the focus clearly on generating quality content, rather than building back links. We should think of promoting the website to make it more known. Some traditional marketing ideas can come in handy, like talking to the media, guerrilla marketing, SEM actions, etc.

4. Do not think about the title and description of the important pages.     

The title and description of a web page are critical. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the home page and that the title indicates that people can find what they are offering.

Descriptions should be convincing. The description of the web can sometimes be the fragment of text in search results. It’s best to try and experiment with different descriptions. It is important that the description in the user generated tempted to click on the link.

What are the difference between a link farm (and “link farm”) and a web directory? Sounds like an easy question, but is deceptively difficult. The reason for this is that the directories have a lot in similarities with link farms, there is a broad spectrum which can be categorized such sites. Here are some factors to consider:

1) Google Page Rank of the site.

2) The internal organization of the site.

3) The content, in addition to the links (useful?).

4) The visual appeal of the page. Make sure the directories you add a link to your website with a good result in each of these areas.

In short, if we avoid these five common mistakes in SEO practices, we can ensure that our website will be easily traceable by the search engines. We should also take advantage of the free tools that Google makes available for the improvement and optimization of our site’s companies have team of professionals who use these tools flawlessly.


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