Are you missing mobile users from your SEO targets?


Till date you might have been busy with standard SEO practices for your commercial website. It is good that you are happy with the number of traffic coming to you through Google. As usual, those customers must be using desktop computers as most of us know or think.

 Mobile SEO

Know your new SEO target:

However, what is about the customers who only access mobile as their browsing platform. Have you thought of tapping them as well? It is beyond doubt that mobile-internet users are increasing with time. Today the number is quite closer to desktop users. Means you cannot avoid targeting this potential consumer segment. They are the most vibrant and easy ones to sell your product.

But are you sure that regular SEO practices will do the job for you? Do you know if SEO for desktop customers is similar to that of mobile internet users? Have you analysed these observations before?

If not, start doing it now.

Desktop SEO is different from mobile SEO:

Search pattern in Desktop browser is not similar to mobile browsers.  Browser’s performance and operability in mobile are also different from that of desktop. Therefore, for obvious, SEO outcome would not be same if someone opens Google in separate platform and type a same search term. Here browser applications and features vary depending on many factors.

Even user behaviour, their intention to research on a topic and the time spent on getting answers are different from standard search engine users. Clarity, visibility and average phone screen also play an important role here. One can also experience how phone technology to search images, maps and other non-verbal elements is different.

Means it is a new dimension of Search Engine Optimization marketing, which website owners should treat individually, carefully.

Drive in mobile SEO today:

If you have not yet, it is high time you know the potential of mobile SEO or Mobile Search marketing. Avoiding SEO for phone browsers indicates you are potentially placing your business in a dangerous position. Who knows your competitors are ranking high in almost all mobile phone browsers and you are still silent with regular practice?

No worries! It is time to consult Edmonton search engine optimization marketing consultants and discus how they can help you in mobile search marketing. Do it today because you are already late reading this post.

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