Benefits of Guest Blog Posting and How Google Perceives This Service

Benefits of Guest Blog Posting

Guest blog posting is one of the major strategies that help you to grow your website and its reach. Sounds fine, but the question that comes up here is how so? Before we delve deeper into its benefits and influential nature, let us understand the meaning of the term ‘guest blog posting’. Guest posting or guest blog posting stands for writing and posting articles on someone else’s blog or website. This requires high quality, original and relevant content, provided by professional guest post writers.

Benefits of Guest Blog Posting

The reason for the huge craze of guest posts, is that if done properly as per the guidelines provided by Google, guest blog posting service can bring you lot of business and ensure your growth. The benefits associated with guest posts are:

  • Building of natural or organic links.
  • Getting high authority permanent links.
  • Achieving high rankings in different search engines.
  • Securing increased targeted traffic to your site.

Although it sounds simple and exciting, it is actually quite hard to find best possible solutions for your website in terms of guest posting. Convincing a quality blogger to add a link of your website in the article is always a challenge. In addition to this, Google has changed its perception towards guest posting in the recent times, which has posed serious difficulties for website owners. Since quality guest posting can increase visibility of your website in all the search engines, build backlinks and augment your brand awareness; Google has tighten its strings a bit.

Due to the current rush of guest posting, people are producing content that are low in quality, spun posts or even content that are duplicate. These contents with their same material repeated every time are sent to the bloggers who accept these posts to get a backlink. Thus, the entire process is hardly providing any benefit for the website owners. It is to bring order in this confusion; Google has started pulling its strings approving guest posting only when the quality of the content is assured.

Parameters for high quality content include:

  • Informative content that provides lots of insights and knowledge into the concerned subject matter.
  • Content written by reputed writers, who can guarantee of delivering nothing less than flawless articles.

As opposed to multiple usage of the same content, articles that are spun over again and again, or those that are produced on a mass level; only valuable reading material would be approved by Google. The recent updates indicate that Google is ready to take action against people who carry on with spammy guest blogging activities. After all, lack of quality in content that would leave readers unhappy, would fail to provide any benefit to the rankings of your website. In addition to this, low quality content would also be incapable of adding any value to your brand or creating any brand awareness in the positive manner. On the contrary, being associated with poor content can harm the reputation of your brand to a large extent. You would definitely not want to be remembered that way, do you?

So, when guest posting, just ensure that you meet the following criteria of high quality posts:

  • Informative content that is not written for the sake of reaching a set word count limit.
  • Content written by established writers.
  • Posting the content on quality blogs that are not associated with spam posts.
  • Ensuring the content is engaging and interactive enough to grasp the attention of the readers.

With Google changing and updating its algorithm, the parameters for guest blog posting also sees several changes. Staying updated with the changes is the right way to ensure continuous growth.

Harry Wilson is a freelance content writer. He owns a blog through which he writes advisory articles on how to find best possible solutions of guest blog posting service, latest trends in SEO and alike.

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