Blogging industry will suffer soon: From blogger’s point of view


Blogging is always a fun. It can be freedom if you do it autonomously, for your own satisfaction. But how many of us could do it as we wish it to be? Not many!

Especially professional bloggers, who spent almost their whole lives in writing for clients. They are in pathetic situation and it only worsens with days.


Here are the two reasons:

bloggers block

1. Definition of blogging has changed:

The term “Blogging” was intended for personalized writing- something which you love to share with others. But today, it is meant to promote business products or services. Since blogging service has started gaining link value from major search engines, this trend has only increased manifold.

The result is – most of the popular blogs you will find on web now are being used to support client websites.

2. Challenges in commercial writing are endless:

In any given point of time you will see a web-writer managing topics of endless variety, keywords of strange nature, and repeat stuffs. This goes on and on. Writing for your own blog is entirely different than you write articles which clients have to approve. No matter you have written 500 blogs on same set of keywords for last 2 years you have to produce “the best and the fresh” always. You are paid for that.

Undoubtedly it is a real pain, so hats off to those who are doing it over the years relentlessly.

What I observed:

I have been a professional blogger for some time. It helped me doing research on how comfortable the writers are in this profession.

During my analysis I found

A. Myth among fresh bloggers:

Most of the newbie in this profession are directionless, especially during initial days. For them writing a blog on a certain topic is one time affair. This is similar to writing a story for school or college magazine where they could switch their topic for next write ups. However the reality is all together different.

B. Unwillingness among experienced ones:

Even some well-experienced writers get tired of writing repeated stuffs after 2-3 years down the line. Although they are mentally prepared to do repetitive task (which has nothing to do with creative writing) after first year, you won’t find them talking good about it.

 No matter how satisfied you are with company management and their pay outs, you no more feel energized. Squeezing a particular subject (with limited reference helps) for year and year is never an easy task. It makes a blogger feel sedentary.

C. Job-shifts have increased a lot:

Well-set writers are looking for new company having different set of clients and keywords. It looks pity. Sometimes bloggers don’t hesitate changing their job profiles altogether, might be to a non-writing profession.

D. Alternative domains are emerging:

Editing, ad marketing, market research, copy writing, website content writing, technical writing are becoming next best preferences for content writers and bloggers. Those who don’t want to move out of writing yet want some refreshments, are choosing freelancing jobs (having variety of domains in job scope). Niche-based writing is also earning popularity as the projects are temporary and you don’t need to write them over and over.

E. Quality is degrading:

Over use of writers in terms of volume and repetitions are harming their production quality.  An unsatisfied writer may produce good volume of content at the end of day, but if you do a quality-check, most of the write-ups (on similar topic) will fail meeting the standard. It happens by default. A writer must feel fresh every time he or she is about to write a new stuff.

F. Industry is not safe:

The bottom line is there is some turmoil in blogging and content-writing industry.

Needless to say, majority of SEO content writers are the victims of it. This is an alarming situation, a bad sign to content-writing industry as a whole. If the issues are not taken care of with immediate effect it can have adverse impact on both bloggers/writers as well as companies hiring them.

How to get rid of this problem?

This needs a quick remedy and we the bloggers have to take the responsibilities. It is the writers who need to find solution of their own. Leaving out the job or changing job profile is not the ultimate solution. You can’t escape from the job you are meant to perform throughout your life, that too with precision and quality.

This is the need of the hour. We need to make sure professional bloggers/writers stick long in this profession and keep delivering information that web-visitors demand. Else web will be of no worth visiting or advertising.

Here the questions arise:

  • How do you plan to protect these writers-cum-treasures?
  • How to make rigorous writing practice an interesting job forever?
  • How to take care of best interests for clients and bloggers both?
  • What will help writers come out with fresh ideas every time they start writing?

In my next continuing post I will discuss all about them. That will be more of tips and suggestions for emerging bloggers and experienced writers.

Till then you may share your own experience and ideas by leaving comments.

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