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Business process management is still a fresh concept, particularly for the ones who are still giving its incorporation into their business a thought. Business process management is gradually rising to become an imperative solution for growth. BPM is also growing as a software market rapidly. Right from the core operations to the routine decisions, BPM is responsible for coordinating each and every interaction between the business processes, systems and the decisions.

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Just like any other technology, people also have a few confusions and misconceptions regarding business process management. Businesses that are looking to renovate business workflows may have a few common concerns regarding BPM ad its implementation. Let us know more about BPM and obliterate the concerns we have relating to the process management systems.

Is BPM only for complex business processes?

BPM is exclusively available for all kinds of business processes in the organisation. Whether it is a large or a simple working system, BPM is application for a wide range of industry, sector or business.

How can BPM help managers?

With the right kind of BPM techniques, it is possible for the managers to make better as well as more informed decisions. Since decisions are quicker, actions are faster too. BPM encourages the business managers to have a better and effective control on their business processes and operations. Managers can make use of the trend analysis tools and forecast even the most minor future problems. They can also contribute to improving the organisational performance, reduced complexities in the internal processes, reduced risks, etc. BPM is known to set the trend of the advanced policies for each organisation.

Is BPM application only for the programmers?

It is not necessary for the BPM tools to have high advanced programmers and expert IT professionals for creation of the workflows. Business process management tools are actually the web-based wizards hence it is possible for the business users to produce their own workflows specifically based on the business requirements. In a nutshell, it is nothing but a simple and easy drag and drop technique.

IT knowledge is required at the time when you are looking to integrate business process management into the external systems. However, you will just be required to use the connector wizards. BPM has been made for almost every department including HR, sales and marketing, R&D, CRM, Finance, etc. Hence it is important for each of the BPM stage to be extremely user friendly as well as accessible.

Is BPM merely a workflow?

BPM although started as a workflow but today it has rather evolved as a complete lifecycle. Business process management is a five stage process – process execution, modelling, reporting, process monitoring, process optimisation and process simulation.

Is BPM expensive?

BPM does not require you to make large investments in the infrastructure of the company; rather BPM helps in minimising organisational costs. It is an automated process that helps in cutting down employee number and it is available in rent too. BPM helps in avoiding manual routine activities that are often time-consuming.

BPM also plays a vital role in helping the companies create as well as publish the freshly required procedures. It has been possible with the help of BPM’s compliance management system. In a nutshell, BPM offers a smart and efficient solution to intricate processes in business.

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