Break the Ice: SEO still stands high and will forever


Any good thing you do will always remain a subject of criticism.  With SEO, a popular web marketing technology there is no difference to it. People will talk bad about things that they are not used to or are facing competition.  After all, it is survival of the fittest.

It looks embarrassing but that is what current web marketing industry is dealing with in some countries. Since Search Engine Optimization techniques have earned immense popularity in last 5-10 years, it is expected that people from other marketing industry will talk negative about it.

I didn’t feel keep quiet:

 I could not digest it and started finding the reasons of such discrimination. And, during my research I came across a good number of instances and evidence.  I got to see the inhibitions people have on this advanced marketing concept. It feels really bad when people at this age of globalization and increased internet accessibility do not understand simple things in simple way.

SEO for Business

My observations:

  1. The millionaires are ready to spend millions of ad budget in offline marketing, but never try their fortune on online platforms. Even if few do, most of them stick to banner ads and email marketing only. That’s pretty less in comparison.
  2. Although many businesses have their own commercial websites, not all of them are maintained properly.  It could be it from SEO point of view, design and layout, usability and navigation any more.
  3. Many don’t bother updating their sites even. Forget about optimizing them in search engines.
  4. Offline advertisers are not really optimistic about going global. They think that doing SEO wouldn’t bring them local customers. Only large scale MNCs who have large customer base worldwide or who want to focus on brand building only should go for SEO.
  5. Many think that the technology is meaningful only if an advertiser is selling product or service online.

Why SEO is being undermined?

There could be two reasons of it.

  • First, the advertisers are not well aware of SEO or take less interest in it.
  • Second, they don’t rely on online customers.

Who are the people we are talking about?

Advertisers, ad agency, media buying company, the online marketing consultants – these are the front liners. For them, SEO still holds a smaller part of whole online marketing plan.  If you ask them to incorporate SEO into media budget, they may turn a deaf ear to you.  Unfortunately, majority of ad revenues are spent on banner advertisements, email blast, ad listings and other digital marketing campaigns.

 These advertisers have a typical mind set of ignoring web audiences. They just can’t take that web browsers can actually be converted into potential customers.  Advertisers need to realize that online customers are huge in number and the marketing opportunity is also manifold here.

Questions for my readers to solve:

Where is SEO lagging behind? What makes it undermined or underutilized? Why can’t online advertisers give it an honest try? Are they not confident about this search engine marketing technology?  For them, is it really not worth of investing?

These questions point out those who don’t repent on what good they are missing.

We hope smart people will realize it soon and give it a second thought. Especially, small scale businesses, who can’t afford spending a lot on marketing, must think of this affordable marketing solution.


If you just measure how smart advertisers have invested in SEO for their websites in last few years, the results are outstanding.  In fact, a large segment of Internet marketers are heading towards SEO and providing bulk services to global clients worldwide.

So, are you still in dilemma whether to invest in SEO or not?  Write to me even if you have any silly queries.

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