Content Writer, Content Marketer or Both? What is today’s priority?


Content writer or a content marketer – whom will you weigh high? Most will say that each of them has their unique quality and job responsibility with respect to their own domains. So why compare them in terms of importance and abilities? Who do raise such questions at all?

After all, specialisation matters when it comes to delivering quality stuffs or doing research-based work. You need to invest more time and effort in single thing rather than concentrating on multiple things at a time.

Yes, you are right. We should not ignore the need of specialised manpower in a web marketing company. A person does a job better when he or she is focused in it.

It is time to think a little different:

But don’t you think a blend of both the qualities is much sought after than depending on individual domain expertise? I mean we can think otherwise. Can’t we expect a content writer doing the job of a content marketer? Or, say a content marketer writing content on demand.

I don’t think it is a bad idea when both the jobs are so interrelated. I am sure cocktail does not taste bad. Isn’t it?

Content Writing and Marketing

Don’t take me wrong:

Well I am not saying this from employer’s point of view. I know a few people may misinterpret my views. Because a person having both the qualities may save a few bucks for his or her company which is always a lucrative option from CTC (Cost To Company) point of view.

Especially, those who are just happy to be in a specialized domain may not feel secure at all. For them, let a writer do his own writing job and a marketer do his own.

 Companies may look for more value for less money:

The reason is if a company starts thinking the way I am saying a lot of people may lose their importance in job market. I mean companies may not hire a person who is an experienced writer but does not know anything about web marketing channels or a content marketer who does not know how to write good articles for clients.

Yes, it is quite possible. Financial crunches, company downsizing and modern practices may influence employers to look for a complete package in a candidate.

Means, in a day you may have to write articles, find resources of your own and then syndicate them properly. Right from content generation to communicating with webmasters to publish those in different sites are going to be your new job description. No more writing throughout a day and no more random article submissions – you will be responsible for both keeping quality and precision in mind.

It means a writer with marketing skills or a marketer with writing skills are going to persist in coming days.

Still not convinced and thinking why put an extra effort?

However if you have inhibitions against this upcoming trend here are a few points to make you understand:

Why you need to upgrade yourself beyond specialised skills

1.  Learning new things is never a bad idea especially if it nourishes your current job profile

2.  Doing a variety of job only enhances your capabilities. You get to face odds and take lessons from it.

3.  Both the job profiles are interrelated and complementary to each other. So it only an extension to what you are doing now.

4.  The definition of specialisation is changing. It is getting broader and challenging

5.  You need to know things directly related to your profession

6.  Future is uncertain. You should be prepared for all situations

7.  It is never bad to be multi-skilled.  You must have detailed knowledge on a process. Writing content and then marketing it is a cycle. You need to know where it starts and where it ends.

8.  Companies always prefer to see their employees learning new things and trying their fortune in variety of fields. Having interest for both shows how inspiring you are to your peers. Such qualities are always recognized and acknowledge by management.

Finally, it is you who is learning and getting prepared for better future. You might be helping your companies earn more profit   but it also keeps you ahead than others who simply shout for specialisation.

In my next post I will discuss about how to amalgamate both the qualities at a time. Keep following this blog and enjoy!

I would expect you to share your own views and experiences. Also let us know how you are enriching your current job profile.

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  1. The easiest way for content writers to grow as a content marketer is Social Media Marketing… with plugins and apps available one can easily integrate his/her website (or the company/client’s sites s/he works for) with twitter, facebook for automated publishing of the latest content …if they are short of time for manually sharing it on social media site  on every update. 

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