Costs Of Marketing Mishaps & How To Avoid Them


When you run a business on a tight budget, you need to think outside the box. In a small business, resources are more difficult to secure. Therefore, it can be useful to find cost-effective ways of building a reliable marketing team.

Unfortunately, most companies tend to focus on the cost of a marketing team per head when it comes to costs. While there is no denying that expertise doesn’t come for free, marketing mishaps can have much more devastating impacts than your team’s budget. In essence, marketing mishaps refer to situations where a business had sufficient marketing resources but misuse them. There is nothing more expensive than having all the expertise you need at arm’s reach and not making the most of it.

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Lack of leadership

The first and most commonly reproduced error is to assume that your marketing activities set your business goals. The marketing team works to meet your deadlines and objectives. However, if you fail to communicate these, you might find that your employees are unable to deliver on time. Who should set clear goals for the team? Ultimately, without a shared business vision, your marketing team is left with no direction. Whether you are working with an agency or your team, there is no room for vague objectives.

Not the right industry expertise

Not all marketing experts are the same. You wouldn’t hire a professional designer to tackle your SEO challenges, for instance. A common mistake, however, is to forego industry-specific expertise for the sake of marketing skills. At Elite Lawyer Management, the team understands that the legal sector has unique requirements in terms of communication and promotion. As a result, they put their sector know-how to the service of law firms. Failure to work closely with a sector expert in your marketing team can affect your efforts and brand credibility.

Not enough time

Most effective marketing techniques are time-demanding. As Neil Patel suggests, you can drive awareness and brand visibility if you’re willing to sacrifice your time in the process. For instance, signing up for HARO – Help a Reporter Out – can help establish your brand’s expertise as long as you’re willing to share newsworthy stories about your sector. Alternatively, you could build up a partnership with niche influencers to boost your brand’s reach. Ultimately, many effective marketing strategies are free. However, when your team is overworked, there’s no time to dedicate to boosting your marketing. That’s precisely why it’s essential to bring automated solutions that reduce manual labor. Work smarter, not harder! Time is crucial to marketing success. Without time, your marketing activities are rushed and can lack creativity, consistency, and diversity.

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Failing to tune in with public opinions

Your audience is vocal. Social media has given the public a voice. Therefore, people are not afraid to react and stand up for what they believe is right. A branded campaign that meets public disapproval receives rapid backlash. Unfortunately, when you fail to appeal to your audience, your competitors can also seize the opportunity to build up their brands on your failure. Customer surveys are a useful tool to figure out what your audience thinks.

Marketing mishaps happen to all businesses. While the damage isn’t irremediable, it can have lasting consequences. From public backlash to misses deadlines, your mishaps are lost profit. How much profit can you offer to lose?

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