Dare to write a blog? Myths that you must avoid


Who says – “To write a blog” you have to be a professional writer? Even novices can do wonders in this business. People have a common misconception that good bloggers are all from highly tech backgrounds; and they are expert in language skills too. So, to start with you have to undergo training on blog writing and Blog management. Otherwise, your effort is a total mess out of this web-world.

Well, let me clarify these illusions first.

Write A Blog

1. No Bar, No Constraints:

Anyone can be a good Blogger anytime. There is no limit on age, sex, educational qualification and culture. The web-space is yours and will be for you –the common mass for ever. There are many platforms on web that allow you to write for free. So, never mind any limit.

2. No great qualification:

Blogging does not need you to write something out of this world. It is all there in front of you. Just you need to frame those, put your own views and express it on web in your style. You don’t need to be a master in language and arts; no need to attend a training class; no need to be a professional tech guy. You don’t require to know PHP, or any programming language to manage a blog backend. Just a basic knowledge on HTML and common sense would suffice.

3. No extraordinary effort:

Expert bloggers are so common personalities like you and me. The only difference is that they can put in writing what they think or are worried for. You only need to invest time on topic selection that will draw maximum attention from blog readers. Think blog subjects as you are about to help your audience. Write what you are good in. There is no one to stop you.

4. No extravaganza in topic selection:

Don’t scratch your head in sorting out what to write after all. It could be tips, tutorials, public grievances, expert ideas, newbie skills, useful practices, public utility solutions anything you take genuine interest on. The themes could be anything like health, education, technology, society & culture, games, fashion, home improvements, pets, food & recipe, property & estate and so many. You have wide options to pick from.

5. No money to invest:

To write a blog you don’t necessarily need to buy a domain. If you wish you can to make business out of it. Else, it is completely free. Many established bloggers will invite you to write on their blogs. You will be a guest author for them and can contribute regular posts as per your choice. Moreover, you can get paid for the write-ups too. So, effectively you are not spending anything in monetary value, but gain a lot – both recognition and money.

Moreover, blogger.com, wordpress.com and similar popular free blogging sites will allow you to launch a new blog under their domain name. You just need to name your blog domain and choose suitable free template (all will be guided to you). So, your own blog is live and you can relish writing on it.

Final Touch:

So, what more you think you don’t have to write a blog? There is nothing you lack in effect. However, not any TOM, Dick and Harry can maintain a blog and earn fame and name. You need to be really serious about your blog messages and community building. Make writing a habit or passion and keep responding to your readers. This is the only way to succeed.

Now if you say “Why do I invest time in a blog”, there are some good reasons you can’t avoid. Keep following my posts. You will come to know.

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