“Developers make SEO professionals work” – Do you agree? I don’t


There is a common saying – “Web developers create jobs for SEO professionals”. Are you shocked with this statement? You may also come to know that – if all web developers work to their level best and manage basic On-page corrections during development stage, there is no need to employ a SEO consultant.

So, where are we landing now? What is our ground of employment and job security?

Do you feel little embarrassed? Are you considering it a cold war between website developers and optimizers? For many, like me it is really hard to digest.

Those who are into this SEO field for quite a long time may feel most underestimated. Yes, there is a prestige issue when someone treats your job mere a left-out stuff. And, to the most, what happens, you may quit your job and look for some courses in web development. Isn’t it?

Did such things happen to you? Do you know someone who joined as a SEO executive and then, down the line, shifted to developer’s profile? You may have many names to share from your closed circle.

SEO profession

However, I strongly object this statement. There is no point saying SEO is a derivative of Web development task.

Here are a few reasons discussed in brief:

A. Today SEO has become an independent, fully-grown industry. You can categorize it under Information Technology Enabled Services (ITes).

B. SEO is not just about correcting basic On-page factors and designing issues. It is far more than that. Off-page Optimization is a vast chapter which no way connects to developer’s job. It is completely an isolated field of website marketing which requires specialized expertise and skills. This is not in developer’s forte.

C. Most of the advertisers around the world treat Search Engine Marketing a specialized field of marketing services. They consider a separate marketing budget for SEO to be done. And, to none of your confusion, the budget often extends against other online media-spends. This is definitely a positive sign for this growing business.

D. Most of the developers are not aware of Off-page marketing tools and resources. They hardly know the latest techniques of collecting outbound links. They don’t have any network or connections with other webmasters. They rarely can draft SEO-friendly content and syndicate them in best of the blogs and article directories.

E. Site development is a one-time job, unless major changes are required. SEO is a continuous process that deals with both labour-intensive job as well as creativity. Developers held from a different stream altogether can’t manage these heavy tasks on a regular basis.

F. A good number of SEO service providers are already reigning in the market. They are handling big time SEO projects for clients all around US, UK, Australia, Europe, Ireland, and Asia etc. And, there is no end to agreement renewal and repeat clients. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and freelancers are investing in SEO set ups. For them, it is lucrative and ever-growing service sector.


Hence, there is no way you can compare the duos. Both of them are entirely different in scope of work and improvement. Each have their own market demand and separate identity.

So, next time, if you come across such statement, you have enough points to defend. Being a SEO professional no one can take the credit from you. Be confident and feel proud!

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