Developing Your Own Marketing Strategies


Marketing is something that can get everyone in a twist, as it can be confusing to lay out, and a massive change in shopping habits has led to the most tried and tested methods being laid to rest in the dust. Everyone has something they want people to see nowadays, and that means we need to turn to some creative and original marketing strategies to try and go above and beyond the competition. Here’s a couple of suggestions for your business.



Work with those Search Engines

So SEO has been around for awhile, and yes it’s extremely popular amongst the business community, but there’s no mistaking that using it properly leads to big sales and better exposure. Ranking yourself in search engines with clever use of key term searchability has led many a webpage to shoot right to the top.

One of your first stops in your marketing development train is going to be ranking on search engines, as this clues you into the factors that go into making the top search result. Some of the main trends are backlinks and the quality of the content itself. You can also work with professionals if you have no idea where to start.


Get Users to Pitch in

User generated content is, once again, extremely popular amongst clientele, and that’s because customers like to see things created by people like them, on a platform they’re used to, that promote a company they could very well be interested in. That means you need to take to social media and get involved with people there.

UGC means people are more likely to trust you, as reviews are often far more honest with people not pulling their punches when it comes to a social home page, and thus you could do well with asking around for opinions here, and then displaying them as part of your official campaign.

This can also lead onto an interaction element between you and your target market, opening up a whole new avenue for customer service and review ability. Let people interact and they’ll keep coming back, and chances are the word is going to reach the friends they’re connected to on social media pages too.


Don’t be Afraid to be Unusual

When it comes to marketing for your brand specifically, you need to do what you’d think would work best. So, think about all the strange marketing campaigns we’ve seen in the past from the big brands that were intriguing enough to get people to at least take a look.

Just think about Denny’s and everything they end up saying on their social media. It’s funny for a certain crowd, aka their target market, and thus it’s appreciated. Plus it gets passed around a lot when people see how weird some of the things they post is! Weirdness in itself is a great strategy!

Truth be told, marketing can range from anything, so don’t be afraid to play around with yours to reach the biggest target population you can.

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